Comparing OBS and Xsplit, which streaming / streaming video software should I use?

In the guide to compare Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) and XSplit in this article of, you will understand and know which live video streaming software is best suited to your needs and work.

Among many of today’s leading streaming platforms, Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) and XSplit are two of the most effective software to support users to stream videos on Facebook or stream alliances on Facebook, in which Open Broadcaster Software is popular with many gamers on LOL use.

However, when comparing Broadcaster Software (OBS) and XSplit, many people are quite confused in determining whether to use Broadcaster Software (OBS) and XSplit to stream Facebook best, best suited to the needs. and computer configuration. With the sharing in this article, hope readers will know the advantages and disadvantages of each software to make themselves the smartest decisions when choosing Facebook live streaming tool or streaming alliance video.

Compare OBS and Xsplit: Platform support and pricing

Perhaps, the criteria of support platform and price are always of great interest to users, especially when choosing live video streaming software such as Broadcaster Software (OBS) and XSplit.

Broadcaster Software (OBS): This software provides users with all the free live video streaming functions to everyone.

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– XSplit: Free for the Free version, and users will have to pay 2.5 USD / month (paid 36 months) for the Personal License or the lowest 4.17 USD / month (paid 36 months) for the Premium License.

live video production software

Although there is a price difference between a free version and a monthly paid version, this difference will certainly bring a certain benefit in terms of features.

In fact, Broadcaster Software (OBS) has better sound quality management but does not have the full features like the premium, paid version of Xsplit provided, such as a simulated blue screen, here can be considered as one of the advantages of Xpslit compared to Broadcaster Software (OBS).

In particular, Xsplit provides many powerful in-game overlays that allow viewers to both view and respond in the chat, especially the overlay feature in XSplit also allows you to perform many main functions on the same. screen. Meanwhile, if using Broadcaster Software (OBS), users will need to invest in a second monitor.

Conclude: If you have two monitors, using Broadcaster Software (OBS) is probably more economical than XSplit, while if you don’t want to spend the cost of a second monitor, XSplit will definitely be of great help to you. .

Compare OBS and Xsplit: Performance

In our performance test, testers played the Team Fortress 2 game on their computer and streamed video with both Broadcaster Software (OBS) and XSplit and compared.

– Broadcaster Software (OBS): The game can stream at 720p HD resolution and 30fps frame but cannot reach HD 720p resolution at 60fps. However, Broadcaster Software (OBS) can achieve 60fps at 1152 x 658 pixels.

compare obs and xsplit if you use the video distribution in the next 4

In the process of livestreaming with OBS software, there will still be errors, for common errors when streaming live with OBS, you can refer to’s instruction to Fixed common live streaming issues with OBS Please.

– XSplit: When streaming the game Team Fortress 2 with XSplit Ganecaster, the results were similar with Broadcaster Software (OBS). Unfortunately, the XSplit Gamecaster is unable to reach 60fps at 1152 x 658 resolution, even with such settings in the game, users can not play the game.

The game used to play is Team Fortress 2, which depends a lot on CPU processing power compared to the GPU, in which testers used the same QuickSyncs render settings on OBS and XSplit.

Conclusion: However, we can see OBS was actually better than XSPlit even if it’s free software.

Compare OBS and Xsplit: Practical, easy to manipulate

– Broadcaster Software (OBS): The initial setup of Broadcaster Software (OBS) may be difficult for new users and requires detailed instructions to use. In particular, Broadcaster Software (OBS) also lacks the overlay feature, performance monitor or other streaming controls.

compare obs and xsplit

XSPlit Gamecaster : Easy to set up, the default configuration works quite well, but users need to adjust the resolution and some other settings in XSplit Gamecaster to get the best effect.

The in-game overlay feature makes it easy to view story clips at any time, easily subscribe, follow or set up the webcam feed. This can be considered as one of the points XSPit easily defeated OBS

XSplit is easy to use at home and everywhere, but the aforementioned performance issue can be a major barrier to XSplit. Meanwhile, Broadcaster Software (OBS) basically needs to be used with an open browser in the background, and if you don’t have a second screen, you’ll be hard-pressed to stream games or stream live videos easily.

Conclude: Based on its usability and ease of operation, XSplit proved to be much superior to Broadcaster Software (OBS).

Compare OBS and Xsplit: Ability to customize and support plugins

– Broadcaster Software (OBS):

Broadcaster Software (OBS) offers a lot of customization and plugin support right in the software. Although the software may seem more difficult to manipulate and use at first compared to XSplit, you will have more interesting experiences when using Broadcaster Software (OBS).

compare the strength of obs and xsplit

– XSplit:

The XSplit live streaming software doesn’t provide much customization and lacks support plugins for users. Although users can make streaming on XSplit easily without the need for plugins, this has led to a number of conflicts.

Conclude: Although users will encounter some barriers in the interface and user experience at the beginning, but if you have experience using it, using Broadcaster Software (OBS) is quite easier and more convenient than that. XSplit thanks to strong plugin support and customization.


Based on a lot of analysis and comparison of OBS and XSplit, it can be seen that the choice of which live video software to use depends on the user’s needs. When comparing Broadcaster Software (OBS) and XSplit live video streaming software, users will need to base on the pros and cons of each live video streaming software to choose.

If Broadcaster Software (OBS) is free, customizable and supports good plugin, XSplit supports overlay and some advanced settings such as blue font, … Meanwhile, Broadcaster Software (OBS) is clear. More difficult to use for new users also in terms of performance, customization and plugin support, XSplit may have lost to Broadcaster Software (OBS) a lot.

Broadcaster Software (OBS) or XSplit are both quite convenient tools for users in general and gamers in particular, gamers often stream lol through these two software, making the streaming stream lol on Facebook increasingly. popular. Besides, there are also many users choose one of two tools to stream videos directly via computers.
Open Broadcaster is not a difficult software to install on users’ computers, but if you have not installed Open Broadcaster successfully and are still struggling to use, refer to how to install Open Broadcaster on Free Download to know how to install correctly Best.


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