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Compress and decompress data to RAR, ZIP files on the computer with WinZip


Compressing, decompressing data to RAR, ZIP files on your computer with WinZip instead of WinRAR or 7 Zip is a good choice for users. Always on the Top of the best file compression applications, WinZip helps you reduce the file size for easier sharing via the internet.

WinZip is a useful software to help you carry out the process of compressing, decompressing, encrypting and backing up data easily alongside other programs such as 7-Zip or WinRAR. Help save storage space on the device to send files by email (mail) is more convenient. Both WinZip and 7 Zip Each has its own advantages

Background and file extension state winzip

With WinZip compression tool, you can set a password to secure private information for files. Compared to other similar software, WinZip has more outstanding features than similar products with compression capability and decompression speed, incorporating many new technologies and functions to convert from compressed files to PDF.

Compress files and decompress data files with WinZip

Step 1: Download and install WinZip on your computer, for the best support, you should download the latest version of WinZip, download here: Download WinZip
Step 2: Run WinZip software, interface as shown below.

file extension state winzip

Step 3: Data Compression:
You proceed to select the file you want to compress -> Right-click on the file -> There is a table appears, select Add to Zip file … or Add to …

Background and file extension state winzip

Wait for the compression process to complete, there will be a notice of detailed compression success results -> turn off the table.

File winzip state on your computer

Step 4: Extract the data file:
You proceed to select the file you want to extract -> Right-click on the file -> There is a table that appears Extract to …, Extract to here, …

Wait for the decompression process to finish, you can click to access the directory.
So with the simple operation above, you can easily compress and decompress the data file with WinZip software. Thanks to that, the data files are minimized so that you can easily share them over the internet, … In addition, you can also Compress data by 7 zip and many other software with similar functions available on



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