Compress and decompress Zip files online on Google Chrome browser

Perform compressing and decompressing .zip or .rar files right on Google Chrome browser have you done? With Zip, UnZip App will help you do it quickly, let learn about this application.

Normally, you compress and decompress data often have to download WinRAR, download WinZip or download 7 Zip and install them on your computer …. However with Zip, UnZip App on google chrome browser you will not need to install Put the supporting software on but it can still be done. The following article will guide you how to use, please consult with us.

To do this you need to prepare:
Google Chrome web browser. Download Chrome
Install the Zip and UnZip App extensions on your browser: Download: Download Zip, UnZip App

Compress and decompress Zip files online on Google Chrome browser

After successfully installing the Zip utility, UnZip App on Google Chrome, you start Zip, UnZip App that up, with a simple interface easy to implement, will give you quick results.

To extract, click Zip Online, then use the mouse to drag and drop the zip or rar file to perform the evade, you can also select the file by clicking Choose files
Use google chrome data
To extract and view the content of that file, click UnZip & Viewer Online then use the drag and drop method to extract the file, you can also select the file from your computer by clicking Choose file or search for files stored on Google Drive
Google chrome data state
Then immediately will give you the results on the screen, so simple and fast is not it.

So with the above article, we have instructed you on how to use Zip utility, UnZip App on Google Chrome to quickly compress and decompress data files, Hope the above procedure will help a lot. for you. For many people who download Coc Coc, you can do the same with this utility.


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