Computer can not access the network, laptop computer network error, disconnection

To handle the computer can not access the network, you must first grasp the cause of this phenomenon. Let’s find out the reasons why computers are not connected to the Internet and how to handle them below.

The common computer and laptop errors there are today, especially with network error, the cause is even more numerous and it’s not easy to find the cause of the actual error. The article will hopefully help you in reading resolve some errors related to network error On computers, laptops, one of the common computer errors today.

Computer error cannot access the network, network loss, network error

Table of Contents:
1. Error due to wire connection between the modem, router and computer.
2. Do not turn on the modem switch, router.
3. Ethernet or Wi-Fi network card is disabled.
4. Faulty old Ethernet or Wi-Fi network card.
5. Error using the wrong proxy server when connecting to a LAN.
6. Error of IP configuration.
7. DNS error.
8. Firewall error.

Fix computer errors can not access the network

There are many reasons for this Computer error cannot access the network or lose network even when connected to the Internet through a connection cable or Wi-Fi. But only when you find the right cause, you know the cause and how to fix network errors, temporary network loss.

First of all to know what your computer is experiencing network problems, to have the most reasonable way to resolve network errors.

Step 1 : Right-click on the network icon from the desktop, select Open Network and Sharing Center.


Step 2: In the interface Open Network and Sharing Center , click Troubleshoot problems .

repair failed to bring

Step 3: There are network error checking tools such as Internet Connection (find and fix errors by connecting to the Internet); Shared Foders (find and fix access to files or directories on a computer); HomeGroup (Find and fix shared files when connecting in a home network); Network Adapter (find and fix network connectivity issues by connected devices); Incoming Connections (Find and fix connection errors on computers and Windows Firewall).

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Step 4: After selecting any network error checking and error correction tools, click next to continue.

fix the connection

Next, depending on the test tool, follow the instructions and click next until you get the error message that your computer cannot access the network and workarounds.

repair laptop bearing mat

Cause 1: An error is caused by the connecting wire between the modem, the router and the computer

This error is mainly caused by the loose or broken connection between the modem, router and computer leading to the loss of the computer network and the failure of the connection to the network.

* How to fix : Check the connection between the modem, the router and the computer is not tight. If not, plug it tightly.

In case the above test fails, the connection cable may have been broken underground. Now you need to bring the cord to a computer repair center or electronics store so they can check if the wire is broken underground or not. However, when you experience network loss, you should assume that the wire has been broken, because in many cases it is also caused by the configuration error of IP address and DNS on the computer leading to network errors. Therefore, learn more about other errors before bringing the computer to check for network errors.

Cause 2: Do not turn on the modem, router switch

It can be said that this is one of the common non-networked computer errors today because many people do not pay attention to the status lights on the modem or router and assume that these devices are working. When these devices do not work well, you can not access the network from the provider.
* How to fix: Turn on the power switch of the modem and router to restart the network connection.

Cause 3: Ethernet or Wi-Fi network card is disabled

This is a quite common network error that many people currently encounter, in which objective causes are caused by computers, laptops and user editing the connection, resulting in a connection loss error.

* How to fix:
Step 1: Right-click on the network icon, select Open Network and Sharing Center . Click to select Change adapter settings

how to fix laptop

Step 2: if you see Ethernet network icon or WIFI take the form of black and the words Disabled which is disabled and unable to turn on, resulting in an error of losing Ethernet or Wi-Fi network connection.

repaired computer

At this point, just right-click on the network icon and select Enable

repaired computers are not available

Cause 4: Error of old Ethernet or Wi-Fi network card

In some cases, if you cannot access the network, the network may indicate an exclamation mark or a red line. In this case, you need to update the driver for your computer to fix the error.

* How to fix network connection error: Update the driver of your computer yourself or use software that supports driver updates on your computer such as DriveEasy, Driver Booster, Driver Detective, etc. update drivers with DriverEasy For computers, laptops are the easiest and easiest to use today.

Cause 5: Error using the Proxy server incorrectly when connecting to a LAN

This error is caused by the computer being set a fixed proxy when connecting to the LAN at a place such as coffee, school. This error prevents your computer from recognizing server addresses at different connection points.

* How to fix: Clear fixed proxy address setting option
Step 1: Access Control Panel on the computer. If on Windows 7 or Windows 10, click directly on the desktop or type Start Menu> Control Panel or Internet Options for quick access and customize the Internet.

fix the connection

In Control Panel, click Network and Internet.

fix the problem

Step 2: Click to select Internet Options >Connections >LAN settings.

fix the computer connection with computer

Step 3: Uncheck the item Use a proxy server for your LAN

  Worry about the situation

Cause 6: IP configuration error

Incorrect IP configuration can also lead to network failure, loss of Internet connection with computers or laptops. Setting static IP values ‚Äč‚Äčleads to network failure is very common.

* How to fix: Remove the static IP configuration and set it to automatically set the IP address.
Step 1: Right-click on the network icon, select Open Network and Sharing Center. Click the Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection icon at Connections:

Fix the error without connecting to a computer

Step 2: Click on the item Properties >Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4 ).

repaired computers are not available

fix the computer connection error

Step 3: Section Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4) Properties , you press the switch from item Use the following IP address to Obtain an IP address automatically Let the computer automatically get the IP address. Press OK, got it To confirm.

fix the problem on windows

Cause 7: DNS error

Similar to IP errors, DNS errors can cause you to network errors, unable to access any website despite an Internet connection. When accessing the website, you will see the error message such as: This webpage is not available or Unable to resolve the server’s DNS address . These errors are caused by the computer being unable to resolve the website domain name through the DNS system. To resolve common DNS errors causing network loss, there are two ways.

* How to fix:
Step 1: Access the page Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4) Properties as with the IP configuration above.
Step 2: Right at the bottom, you’ll see the Use section the following DNS server address. Here, you set the value for two items Preferred DNS server and Alternate DNS server respectively: . This is the most popular Google DNS system with the most traffic today.

repair the computer screen

Step 3: In case, after changing Google DNS, there is still a network error, please click on the item Obtain DNS server address Let the computer configure DNS and try again.

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Cause 8: Firewall error

This is a rare error but not uncommon. The reason is that the computer firewall (Firewall) has blocked the Internet.

* How to fix: Turn off the firewall to solve the problem
Step 1: Access Control Panel on the computer. Select the item System and Security

fix the computer connection with computer

Step 2: Select the item Windows Firewall >Turn Windows Firewall on or off.

fix the internet connection error

repair windows computer with windows

Step 3: Click on the items Turn off Windows Firewall in both sections Private network settings and Public network settings . Press OK, got it to save.

fix the network connection

In addition, for laptop users, you should check the case of laptops Turn on Airplane mode Or not, because when this mode is turned on, the laptop will not catch the internet or wifi. If the error is in this case, you just need to turn off airplane mode is done

The above are all common causes and ways to fix network errors that cause network access that we often encounter. Today’s computers are pretty much all the other equally popular errors.

Common errors also include computer crashes, unresponsive (not responding) or computer errors automatically start, turn off, do not recognize USB and a lot of different errors. To fix the computer crashes, windows not responding is quite easy, especially with the computer error that does not recognize USB, users only need to change some settings to fix the error. Meanwhile, a number of other errors will require users to know some computer knowledge.

Not only the case of computers not able to access the network, but the cases of software used in computers cannot access the internet like current web browsers, especially leading browsers such as Coc Coc or Chrome. If encountering Coc Coc case, you cannot access the network, please learn how to fix Coc Coc error not accessing the network available on to solve this problem yourself.

It will be very annoying when WiFi does not reach the network but you have spent an hour to fix or fix the related problems. However, you are sure that your knowledge and ways to fix wifi error do not reach the network correctly or not. Or maybe your knowledge is right but it’s not right for the device you are using. Instead of going to find a question for yourself why not let help you solve this.


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