Computer cannot access gpedit.msc Windows 10

Computer cannot access gpedit.msc Windows 10

Not opening gpedit.msc, also known as GPE on Windows 10, is probably what many people encounter today when the Microsoft Management Console is an important part of the operating system, integrated for a long time to configure settings on the entire computer or user accounts …

GPE is a powerful Microsoft Management Console to conveniently modify a variety of Registry settings such as deploying software for one or more workstations, to assign permissions to certain users, or restrict applications. that users are allowed to use …

But now on Windows 10, many users have complained that they cannot open Gpedit.msc on Windows 10. Therefore, Taimienphi today would like to answer this question for you to know as follows:

The computer cannot access gpedit.msc on Windows 10 because the device’s operating system is not Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Enterprise. Cases of not being able to access gpedit.msc often occur on devices using Windows 10 Home or Single Language operating systems.

gpedit msc on windows 10

To handle this situation you can upgrade the device’s operating system to the version Windows 10 Pro good Windows 10 Enterprise.
So above Taimienphi has explained to you clearly what the problem of not opening gpedit on Windows 10 is why and also pointed out the solution. With this solution, you can refer to how to install Windows 10 with usb that we instructed in the previous article to be able to update Windows 10, upgrade your computer operating system to the latest version. and can use gpedit.msc feature on Windows 10.


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