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Suppose if you have just installed an application, new software and you are facing software conflicts. Along refer to the following article of to learn some ways to fix computer software conflicts.

There are many different causes of computer conflicts, whether it be hardware or software changes, or malware or viruses. Along refer to the following article of Taimien to learn some ways to fix errors.

Fix computer conflicts software

Method 1: Close other programs and software to free RAM

Programs, software when operating will occupy RAM. The more software that runs on the computer, the more RAM is used. In general, this can be the culprit that causes software conflicts, or the software refuses to run or runs very slowly, especially on low-RAM old computers.

To find out which applications and software are opening and consuming RAM, follow the steps below:

– On Windows:

First press the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Delete, then click Start Task Manager. On the Task Manager window, click Processes tab, then click Memory menu. Sort all open processes by the amount of RAM occupied.

To turn off processes that use the most RAM, click the button End Process. However, make sure that the process that you turned off is not an important program or software process.

– On Mac OS X:

On Mac OS X, access Applications =>Utilities =>Activity Monitor. On the Activity Monitor window, sort the programs by their RAM usage by clicking on the column Real Memory.

Method 2: Restart the software

Another way to fix software conflicts is to restart the software to refresh it and check for errors.

Method 3: Restart the computer

If restarting the software doesn’t fix the problem, try restarting your computer, then rerun the software and check if the error persists.

Method 4: Search for ways to fix errors online

Software errors you encounter may be encountered by other users. So try searching the web to see how to fix errors that other users share.

– Enter the name of the software, the version and the problem you encountered to find out if there is a fix.

– Check vendor website: most software manufacturers offer some form of product help, such as answering frequently asked questions, product documentation or user forums .

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Method 5: Restore recent hardware and software changes

Recent hardware or software changes that may have caused software problems, such as:

– Software conflicts: If you recently installed other antivirus programs, it could be the cause of conflicts with other antivirus software already available. The solution is to uninstall the antivirus software that you have recently installed to fix the error.

– Change the computer settings: undo the computer settings you have made recently and try launching the software again and check if the conflict is still there.

– Finally, disconnect the peripherals and hardware you have recently installed and check for errors, software problems or not.

Method 6: Uninstall software and reinstall

Sometimes software problems can be caused by important software files or applications being deleted or damaged. For example, many Windows applications use the Dynamic Link Library (DLL) file to perform basic tasks.

If you recently uninstalled software or applications, you may have deleted DLLs that other software is using, causing software conflicts, or improperly working software. way.

So make sure the important files are still intact, and you can uninstall, then reinstall the software and check if the error is still there.

Note: Before reinstalling software or applications, try checking to see if new versions of the software are available. It is possible that the software vendor or developer adds patches, fixes, and software problems that you are experiencing.

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Method 7: Scan for viruses and malware

Viruses, spyware or other types of malware can cause software crashes, freezes, or software conflicts.

If the above methods are not available, software conflicts or problems still occur, the next solution is to use anti-virus software to scan and remove viruses and malware. Get out of the computer, then try reopening the software to see if the error or problem persists.

Method 8: Check for firewall conflict

Personal firewalls help protect against attackers and other security threats, but they can also cause software conflicts.

So try checking the firewall settings to see if the problematic software is added to the list of programs that the firewall blocks. If so, change the firewall settings to allow the software to run and check for software conflicts.

Method 9: Boot into Safe Mode

Some of the causes and culprits that cause software problems can also be due to operating system installations or other system problems. Both Windows and Mac provide an troubleshooting environment called Safe Mode. Safe Mode disables unimportant applications and processes, to isolate system problems and problems.

Try booting your Windows or Mac computer into Safe Mode and launch the software to see if any problems or errors occur. If not, it is possible to identify the culprit that is caused by the operating system or other programs installed on the system.

If you do not know how to boot Windows computer into Safe Mode, you can refer to the article How to enter Safe Mode on Windows 7/8/10 on to know how to do it.

Method 10: Defragment the hard drive

The last solution to fix the computer software conflict is to perform a hard drive defrag. Defragmentation rearranges your hard drive file structure to make the system work more efficiently. Defragmentation is most useful in the case if your computer is running slowly like a turtle, because defragmenting means making the whole system run faster. Note that defragmenting the hard drive only applies to Windows computers.

On the versions of Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 has built-in tools to defrag the hard drive. To launch this tool, you access Start => All Programs => Accessories => System Tools => Disk Defragmenter.

Important note: Hard drive defragmentation can take a long time, depending on the size and data of your hard drive.

Also readers can refer to the article Defragment the hard drive by Disk Defragmenter function on for details on how to perform hard drive defragment.

The article above has just taught you a number of ways to fix computer conflicts with software, as well as fix crashes, freezes, etc. If you have any questions or questions, you can leave your comments in the comments section below.
In addition, the computer error of driver conflict is also quite common causing many troubles for users, from driver errors that lead to a lot of bad consequences, please refer to the computer error that has driver conflicts including the following. personality and handling.


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