Computer deleted all data

There are many causes of computer errors that are deleted from data, possibly due to system failure, hard drive failure or may be due to viruses, malware attacks and deletion of data. Read along with the article below of to learn how to recover data in case the computer is deleted all data offline.

If your computer has been erased, please refer to the following article of to know how to recover and recover data.

What to do if the computer is deleted all data?

In case, if you encounter a problem of computer erasing all data, your important data does not fly, try applying the solutions below to recover and retrieve your data.

Method 1: Check if the files, data are actually deleted

If you’re not sure whether your files or data have been deleted forever, the first step is to try searching for files in File Explorer.

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On Windows, try opening the Recycle Bin and look for files and data on it.

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You can also right-click the Recycle Bin window, select Sort By =>Date Deleted to view details of recently deleted files.

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Note: By default, running programs like CCleaner will clean up the Recycle Bin, meaning that files and data in the Recycle Bin will be wiped clean.

If your files and data are stored on cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive, sign in to your account and check if the files and data have been deleted on them.

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Method 2: Check the backup recommends that you regularly back up important files and data on your computer to avoid possible bad situations. If you already have a backup, try to see if it is a backup of deleted files and data on your computer.

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Windows has built-in backup tools quite useful, including the File History tool that allows users to recover deleted files and older files, but this tool is not activated by default.

Method 3: Use data recovery software

If the above methods are not available, the next solution is to use data recovery software. However, this solution may not be available on some computers.

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Traditional hard drives and SSDs work differently. Suppose if accidentally deleted a file, any data on a traditional computer hard drive, the data will not be deleted from the hard drive immediately afterwards. Instead, the pointer to that data will be deleted, so that the data can be overwritten. We can scan the hard drive to find leftover data and recover deleted files and data.

If the files and data on the SSD are deleted, those files and data will be immediately deleted with the TRIM command to free up space and ensure the SSD is overwritten quickly in the future.

This means we cannot recover deleted data on SSDs. Older SSDs and older versions of Windows like Windows Vista do not support TRIM.

Method 4: Recover deleted files and data safely

If you are using a traditional hard drive and accidentally deleted data, the safest solution is to turn off the computer immediately. If you continue to use the computer, even when installing software to recover files, data, any program on the computer can overwrite the data on the data deleted on the hard drive.

If the computer is completely turned off, you can start the computer from the CD drive or USB drive to recover files, data, or remove the hard drive from the computer and insert it into another computer. An important note is to avoid overwriting the drive completely.

Use data recovery software to scan your hard drive and search for deleted files and data. If the computer problem is recently deleted and the hard drive is not overwritten, the chances of recovering the data are higher.

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To recover data from a USB drive or Ubuntu live CD after the computer has erased all data, you can choose to use tools like ntfsundelete and photorec.

Method 5: Recover data quickly after the computer problem is deleted all data

In case, if you want to recover deleted files and data quickly, you can use file and data recovery tools like Recuva from the popular CCleaner application manufacturer. It allows you to scan your hard drive to find and recover deleted files and data.

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Download recuva Download and install here.

However, this solution carries a higher risk because it involves overwriting the hard drive. During the installation of the tool, you can overwrite data on deleted files with data of Recuva program, or other programs running in the background can also overwrite hard drive data.

Method 6: Get help from experts

Finally, without any backups and the above are not available. The final solution for you is to rely on reputable experts, centers, data recovery repair services. Firstly, make sure to power off the computer immediately, this is because the longer the computer runs, the more data is overwritten to the hard drive and the lower the chance to recover data.

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Professional data recovery centers and services will help you solve all problems, including recover deleted, overwritten data, until the hard drive dies and becomes corrupted. However, the price of these services is extremely expensive, up to a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars, but in return, you can retrieve the important data deleted on your computer.
Above has just introduced you some solutions to fix the problem of computer deleted data. The best solution to making sure your data is still safe in case if something goes wrong is to back up your computer regularly. In addition, some data rescue solutions such as enabling File History or Windows Backup functions will also be helpful, recovering files, saving data in the event that if a computer problem occurs, all data is deleted. Simple and does not cost much.


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