Computer does not accept the phone

Computer does not accept the phone

Connecting via USB is one of the most common ways to exchange data quickly. People can use cables to connect their smart watches, music players, phones, and tablets to a PC or laptop. If the connection between them is incorrect, a familiar message will pop up: “USB device not recognized”

Computer does not accept the phone.

Table of Contents:
I. Reasons for the incident.
II. How to fix the error.
1. Mechanical error of the device.
2. There is a problem with the USB port, cable or hub.
3. Lack of required software.

Fortunately, users can solve this problem without any special skills. In this article, let’s find out how to fix the computer error does not receive the phone.

I. The reason for the problem with the USB port

– Mechanical damaged equipment (needing repair);
– There is a problem with the USB port, cord or hub;
– The computer does not install the appropriate driver or new update.

II. How to fix computer errors do not receive the phone

1. Mechanical error of the device

You can check your phone and computer by Connect your phone to the computer other. If either device is broken, you can repair or replace it.

2. There is a problem with the USB port, cable or hub

The computer does not recognize a phone

If the device is not in error, you can check the USD port, cable and hub by:

– Clean the USB port;
– Check the status of the USB controller via Device Manager. Exclamation mark or cross sign means controller error;
– Use new cables;

3. Lack of required software

The missing software error may occur after connecting your phone via a USB cable and the system recognizes the error but the battery is still charging. In addition, another reason may be that you use an old version of Windows, do not support modern utilities.
If the computer has install Windows 10 but still don’t recognize the device, you can try the following:
– Open Device Manager;
– Search for an unknown utility in the list of connected devices;
– If it does not appear in the section Other devices, choose Update driver in the menu;
– If an unknown device appears in the list Universal serial bus controllers, open the menu by right-clicking. Choose Properties >Driver >Roll Back Driver / Uninstall Device (when restore does not work). Updating your hardware configuration can help you get rid of the “unrecognized USB device” error in most cases;
– In the tab Power Management, check if the system allows to turn off the device to save energy, or not enabled in the list of connections named USB prefix;
– Remove unnecessary drivers from other devices.


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