Congratulations on December 22, the establishment of the Vietnam People’s Army

The following article, will select and share the best and most meaningful greetings on December 22, you can refer to the wishes of the establishment of the Vietnam People’s Army or send to your loved ones working in this industry.

The meaning of December 22 is on December 22, 1944, Vietnam Team Propagates the Liberation Army was established to comply with the Party’s guidelines and Uncle Ho’s instructions. Therefore, December 22 is an important day, making it a traditional day for the Vietnam People’s Army. Like other anniversaries and anniversaries, besides meaningful gifts, you can give them to your loved ones in this industry. greetings 22/12 and the most meaningful.

12/22 Greetings for lovers, for husbands …

I. The most popular greetings on 12/22

1. Please send to the armed forces soldiers best wishes, health and fun, with 12/12 meaning.
2. On the occasion of December 22, coming, wish him always good health, work and complete the assigned tasks.
3. December 22 is here, wishing you and everyone in this industry wishes health, happiness and always be loved and trusted.
4. Wishing you comrades always happy, healthy and peaceful, have fun day 22/12.
5. On the day of establishment of the Vietnam People’s Army, please send the best wishes to your father (brother / sister / sister …). Father (brother / sister / brother …) – who devoted himself to the cause. Children and the whole family are proud of their father (sibling …)
6. Best wishes to the brothers and sisters who continue to hold guns firmly to defend the country. I wish you good health and abundance.

II. 12/22 best wishes for husband and lover

1. I am always proud of you – soldier Uncle Ho. I wish you more and more health and fulfillment in the cause of national defense.
2. Wish him good health, happiness on 22/12 and always complete successfully the assigned tasks.
3. On December 22, I don’t know what to wish, just to wish you good and good work. I will always be the fulcrum, solid rear for you. Love you much.
4. Wish you 12/12 happy, happy, beautiful and receive many good wishes on this day. I will always support and follow you. I love U.
5. On 22/12 come, I wish you this day and all 364 days of the year are happy, good work.
6. December 22 is my special day. I wish you always good health, happiness and good work. Everything at home has worried about me, so please rest assured that you work far away. The whole family misses and loves him.

You can refer to the article 12/22 wishes for lovers, husband to get the 22/12 wishes or send to his lover, her husband on this meaningful day. Despite being far away, your lover and husband will be assured of work and happy to be concerned and remembered.
December 22 is coming, if you have a relative working in the Vietnam People’s Army, do not forget to send the greeting on December 22 to that loved one. It is the wishes of 22/12 to help recipients feel warm, happy and happy in the meaningful day.


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