Convert, convert Video with Video Converter Factory

You are looking for a Video converter to convert media files to other formats for your favorite mobile phone to enjoy them anywhere. And Video Converter Factory is the solution for you right now, it supports up to 100 different Video formats.

Video Converter Factory helps you convert popular video and music formats, it supports more than 100 different video formats, converts almost all popular formats including HD videos, and Flash videos. In addition, Video Converter Factory is also equipped with the technology to convert videos to VOB, VCD format, which is convenient for burning videos to discs.

Guide to convert Video by Video Converter Factory

To use Video Converter Factory to convert Video you need to download and install the utility on your computer. If not you can download the latest version of Video Converter Factory

The main interface of the program consists of components.

– Add Files: select file to manipulate (video, music, picture).
– Clear: delete all files from the program.
– Output Folder: location to save files after conversion.
– Open Folder: open the folder to save the file after conversion.
– Merge: import files together.
– Output Format: choose to convert to any file type.
– Settings: basic settings for files such as resolution, bit rate, frame rate, …
– Run: start running the conversion.

Step 1: Click Add Files (1), in the file selection window, we access the directory containing the file to be converted. Click the file in the area (2), then select Open (3).

Step 2: Click the icon AVI The right side of the program.

At interface Video Choose the type of format we are going to convert, choose M4V. Private item Audio It is used to extract audio of Video into format MP3, WAV, …

Step 3: Select the folder to save the file after converting.

With 3 icons from the left to the right corner, respectively, cut the movie into a clip, cut the movie by the angle, create effects (these 3 features are Video Converter Factory Pro and DVD Video Converter usable).

Step 4: Choose Run to convert.

After completing the steps to access the output folder to enjoy Video
So you know how to use Video Converter Factory software to convert Videos to different formats suitable for your intended use, Especially the software has an intuitive interface, easy to use and suitable. with many users.


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