Convert, convert Video with Video to Video Converter

There are many video conversion software available for you to choose from. However, not all software is suitable and easy to use. This article will share to you the Video to Video Converter program that helps convert videos quickly and effectively.

Video to Video Converter is a powerful and flexible software for converting movie files and music, in addition to supporting most popular multimedia devices such as PSP, iPhone, Ipad, samsung, Blackberry, …

Guide to Convert Video by Video to Video Converter

To use Video converter, you need to download and install Video to Video Converter on your computer.

The main interface of the program, is divided into 3 main parts. The upper left is the main interface for manipulating music files, movie files, the lower left section records the information during conversion, operations (Logs), the right is the information of the movie files, music files, can open movies, take film pictures.

– File: open movie files, music to manipulate.
– Convert: delete files, clean up, start converting, cancel conversion.
– Tools: mix, split movies, music, convert movies from DVD, burn movies to DVD, …
– Options: basic settings for the program.
– Language: select the languages ​​to use.
– View: to show / hide the logs, change the program interface.
– Help: view the version, check the new version, online support of the program.

Step 1: on the main interface select Add Videos (1), select the filter as All Files (*. *) (2), select the file to convert, Press Open

Step 2: Choose the format to convert to, in this example AVI (1), we can view the format information to be converted in the region (2), then select OK (3) to continue.

Step 3: Select the folder to save the file after Convert, then select OK, got it

Step 4: After selecting the above parameters, we click Convert (1), wait until in item Progress (2) reach 100% is a successful transition. You can open the Video to enjoy.
So you already know how to convert Video to different formats with Video to Video Converter software. As a result, the conversion of media files to other formats serves your entertainment and learning needs. Also, if you do not want to install software you can use The best online Video conversion service


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