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Converting DOCX to DOC online is a regular practice for many users today, especially your device is still using the old version of MS Word editing software, which is not supported to read documents. Use a format that is only supported for the more advanced version.

To read Docx text format your computer must be installed Office 2007 above (Office 2010 and Office 2013). However, there is another way you can still see Docx format easily convert DocX to Doc online Easy with the following steps.

How to convert Docx to Doc online
1. Online
2. On MS Word

Guide to convert DocX files to Doc

1. Convert Docx file to Doc online
Step 1: Access to Here. On the interface the website appears providing the main functions that allow you

Convert Docx to Doc online. Click here Add File … in Step 1 to select the Docx file you want to convert.

Convert DOCX to DOC online

Step 2: Next in the window Open, you choose the file format Docx.

Convert DOCX to DOC online

Step 3: In the section Convert To, you choose the format as Doc.

Convert DOCX to DOC online

Step 4: Next, click Convert Now.

Doi dang dang DOCX to DOC online

Step 5: Click Download Now to start downloading the Doc file to your computer and use it.

Convert DOCX to DOC online

2. Guide to convert Docx to Doc in Word
Step 1: Open the Docx file with a version of Word that supports this file format (2007 and above). At the main interface of Word click File.

convert Docx to Doc

Step 2: Navigate to the item Save as in the toolbar that appears.

convert Docx to Doc

Step 3: Choose Browse to display the window where to find the file storage.

convert Docx to Doc

Step 4: With windows Save as You can navigate to any directory to store files. To convert the Docx extension to Doc online in Word, note the section Save as type You should choose the Word 97-2003 Document Then click Save. Your file will be saved in Doc format.

convert Docx to Doc online
Above, has instructed you how to convert Docx to Doc online quickly and simply. This way you do not need to install the latest version of Office and still be able to read Docx format on your computer.


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