Convert multi-formats with the online tool Converttio

Convert multi-formats with the online tool Converttio

There are many tools that can help you convert different types of formats such as text, images or audio or convert video. With this article, we would like to introduce to you a free online conversion application that is Convertio, you follow.

As we have introduced to you some ways to convert text formats such as How to convert pdf to word the easiest way, then with this article would like to introduce you to an online and free conversion application, and can convert many text formats. The same reference you offline

Convert multi-formats with the online tool Converttio

Step 1: Visit the page Converttio

Step 2: The application allows you to convert many formats such as PDF, photo, text, Ebook, Audio … to formats such as Doc, photo, text and ebook.

You can choose the format here

Step 3: After selecting the formats to convert, click on Select files to get the files you need to convert, from the url or dropbox or google driver ….

Step 4: You can convert multiple files at the same time by clicking Add more files, You can then save to google driver or dropbox or email as you like. And finally click Convert to convert.

So with the above guide, you can easily convert all popular formats with the free online converter Converttio, in addition, you can also use other format conversion software applications. like Free PDF to Word Converter or Total Video Converter …


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