Convert pdf files to images using PDF-Xchange Viewer on computers

Converting PDF to images is a trick to reduce the size of PDF files, helping send and receive over the Internet quickly. Follow the following procedure to convert a PDF file to an image using the PDF-Xchange Viewer.

To convert PDF to images there are quite a lot of software support, such as Free PDF to JPG. Compared to PDF-Xchange Viewer, Free PDF to JPG is smaller and installs much faster. However, the main feature of Free PDF to JPG is just converting PDF to image format. As for PDF-Xchange Viewer, you can not only convert PDF to images with PDF-Xchange Viewer, but also convert PDF to Word, Excel, etc.

Convert PDF files to images using PDF XChange Viewer

Download the PDF XChange Viewer here Download PDF-XChange Viewer

Step 1: Download and install PDF-Xchange Viewer on the computer. In the PDF-Xchange Viewer interface select File> Open.

Step 2: Find to The folder contains the PDF file need conversion on computer.

convert pdf to english

Step 3: Keep pressing File> Export and choose Export to Image.

convert pdf to english

Step 4: In the PDF to photo dialog box, you can choose the image format at Image Type. Should choose JPEG image extension for easy reading on any computer.

convert pdf to english

Step 5: Next press Export in the right corner to start converting PDF to image using PDF-Xchange Viewer.

convert pdf to english

Wait a moment for the transition to take place.

convert pdf to english

Step 6: And now you can immediately open the image file to review information.

convert pdf to english

Converting PDF to image with PDF-Xchange Viewer is very simple, right?

Another trick many people use is converting PDF to Word. This trick is more effective than converting PDF to images in that you can open Word files and customize the information in them. So the way to convert PDF to Word is used by many people to edit information in PDF files.
Besides converting PDF to images with PDF-Xchange Viewer, you can easily convert PDF to images online. This is a quick trick, should be used in case the Internet is strong. However, if you often need to convert PDF files, you should not convert PDF to images online, but install software such as PDF-Xchange Viewer to perform batches, even in the case of Offline.


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