Convert PDF images into Word, the text does not have font error

Tools and ways to convert PDF images to Word are many people interested in to support in learning and working. Here, will guide the steps to convert PDF files to Word files in detail.

Below is a Website that supports converting PDF to Word and vice versa can effectively support up to several dozen pages, the conversion speed depends on your transmission line.

Convert PDF images into Word, the text does not have font error

Table of Contents:
1. Steps to convert pdf file to word file
2. How to convert PDF to Word online.


Step 1: You guys access Come in
There are many functions for you, however, you just need to pay attention to the following functions
1: Other documents to PDF: Convert text into PDF including formats: RTF (Wordpad), HTML, XLS, XLSX (Excel), PPT, PPTX (PowerPoint) ..
2: Image to PDF: Convert images to PDF including: JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIF, TIFF formats
3: PDF to TXT: Convert PDF to text documents (Notepad)
4: Convert PDF to Word: This is the function you need, convert PDF into Word documents
5: Convert PDF to JPG: Convert PDF to image

To convert PDF to Word -> Choose 4: Convert PDF to Word
Select the output file as DOCX (Word 2007, Word 2010, Word 2013) or DOC (Office 2003) -> Select Brower go to the file to be transferred -> Select Convert -> Then time fast or slow depending on the size of the file -> you will get your Word file

Similar to other functions such as converting Photos to PDF, … you do the same

How to convert Word to PDF

At the Web interface, after converting PDF images into Word, you choose Word to PDF

Then, you select the Word file to transfer -> Select Preview (Remember to choose Preview, not Convert) -> Then you will get a PDF file.

After converting PDF images to Word, if you have a font error, you need to determine the Font code in that word file, then refer to how font transcoding Using unikey to unicode font is a success

If the conversion from Word format to PDF format is quite simple because Microsoft Word has built-in this function, when converting from PDF to Word or formats such as photos, text, it is difficult, Especially the font error and the structure of the file.

2. How to convert PDF to Word online

Currently, the online support Web for converting PDF to Word only supports files up to 1MB. So, for large 1 MB PDF files, you can use tools like HJSplit or FFSJ to split the PDF file, then convert one by one. Final major use HJSplit or FFSJ to join files together.

Step 1: You guys access Here
Step 2: You choose Choose File -> Navigate to the folder that contains the PDF file to be transferred -> Select the PDF file -> Select Open

Step 3: Select the format you want to convert: Word (.doc) -> Select Convert
– There is an output format is: .doc, Images, Text.
– Do not tick Get result compressed by Zip

Step 4: After the conversion is completed, the .Doc file will automatically be downloaded to the computer. For each different web browser, you will have different ways to open the downloaded file -> For example on Chrome, you use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + J to open the Download list (download) -> and get the DOC file successful implementation

Tips Also you can quickly act by pressing the key combination Ctrl + J to display the download library of the browser

If readers who follow this method have wrong Fonts, please join to ask the above question Facebook FanpageWe will support you.

Hopefully, this addition will help you convert PDF to Word as well as other formats or vice versa convert Word to PDF becomes more effective.


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