Convert PDF to Word fast with UniPDF

You have PDF files you want to convert to Word for easy editing and manipulation. And there are many software to help you do this, one of which is UniPDF, the program has the ability to convert PDF files to Word quickly and without Font errors.

UniPDF supports you to convert PDF to Word documents easily and keep the format and layout of documents after conversion. To know how to convert PDF to Word documents, please follow the steps below.

Guide to convert PDF to Word using UniPDF

Step 1: Download and install UniPDF on the computer.

Step 2: After the installation is completed, launch the software and select Add, to open the PDF file you want to convert.

Step 3: Select the folder containing the file, click the PDF file to be converted and select Open

Step 4: You can have multiple files open, then at the tab Output Format you tick Word to convert to word file ->Convert. In addition, the software has the ability to convert PDF to Image (Picture), Text, HTML.

Step 5: After you click Convert will appear dialog box, you select the folder to store your converted files by clicking Custom ->Select to select the directory to save the file after conversion. Finally hit OK, got it

Step 6: You wait for the file to be converted

After conversion finished, you will see a dialog box. You choose Open converted Files -> OK, got it to open the converted file

And this is the result
Fast or slow file transfer depends on your file size. In addition to supporting converting to Word files, UniPDF also supports converting to other files such as Text, Image, HTML, you can make the option as required. In addition, you can use the software Quick PDF to Word, e PDF To Word Converter, … to convert PDF.


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