Convert RAR file to ZIP file in Winrar

WinRAR is WinRAR and WinZip is WinZip. How can I convert RAR to Zip file without compressing or decompressing it? The secret will be discovered below.

File compression software is one of the indispensable tools on Windows. In this area, we see the fierce competition between Winrar and 7-Zip. In Winrar, the file compression speed is fast, and with 7-Zip users will find the ability to compress files as compact as possible.

For a more in-depth assessment of the compression capabilities of these two software, you can also refer to the article comparing Winrar and 7-Zip. Surely you will have new views on these 2 software after reading Compare Winrar and 7-Zip there. A feature that users pay little attention is on Winrar you can also compress files as .ZIP. Not only that, users can also convert compressed files in .rar format to .zip with the following tips.

Convert RAR file to ZIP in Winrar:

Step 1: Open Winrar, navigate to the .rar file you want to convert.

Click Tools> Convert archives to convert RAR file to ZIP.

Step 2: In the Convert archives dialog box, select Compression.

convert rar file to zip in winrar

Step 3: Check the ZIP box and click OK.

convert rar file to zip in winrar

Step 4: Back to Convert archives, select rar under Archive types to display the .rar file to be converted.

To save the file to the desired directory, click Browser and select the folder. Finally click OK to save the file.

convert rar file to zip in winrar

Step 5: If the file size is small, the conversion process only takes a few seconds.

convert rar file to zip in winrar

Step 6: You can go to the directory to check the converted .ZIP file.

convert rar file to zip in winrar

With the previous tip, you have converted the RAR file to a ZIP file without having to decompress and compress it already.
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