Convert Word to PDF in Office 2013

Convert Word to PDF in Office 2013

Office 2013 is a toolkit to support users in writing documents, creating spreadsheets as well as creating video slideshows … Besides, Word 2013 text editor tool offers users a very unique feature. It is converting word files to pdf. Join Office 2013 to experience this new feature in Word 2013

Currently, most users worldwide use PDF text files to save data as well as share on the internet, send emails … because the security in PDF files is very high. With the download of Office 2013, users can create word documents in Word 2013 tool, moreover, because of the built-in feature of saving files in PDF format, users do not need to install conversion software. word to pdf which can be converted immediately on Word 2013 tool.

Convert Word to PDF in Office 2013

Just drafting text, just can extract words to pdf quickly. With Word 2013, you can create many pdf files to email, share on the internet …

In addition to using Word 2013 to create pdf files, you can also refer to many software that supports word conversion to pdf such as PrimoPDF, PDFCreator, doPDF … to help you create pdf files from simple word files. Inside, doPDF Support you to print and convert to PDF

Instructions for Converting Word to PDF in Office 2013

Download and install Office 2013

Step 1: First, open the Word file to convert to PDF → enter File.

convert word to pdf in office 2013

Step 2: Choose Save As Computer Browse

Step 3: Show window Save As. You choose where to save the PDF file → select Save as type was PDF Save.

After the saving process has finished, the PDF file will automatically open. So from the original Word file, you have created a PDF from the Word file itself as desired. Also you can refer to these How to convert PDF to Word The easiest if you want to convert PDF files to Word documents for easy editing.


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