Copy data to iPhone with iTools, copy music, videos to iPhone

Using iTools to copy data to iPhone is a method that not everyone knows. Most people use iTunes to do this task. Work with to copy data to iPhone using iTools.

iTools is a computer software that makes it easier for iOS users to sync data from iOS to computer. For example, if you want to copy music, videos, books, photos, etc., you can use iTools to work faster.

However, you still need to download iTunes and install it on the computer first. Without iTunes, iTools will not work correctly. Please continue to follow the instructions on how to use iTools below for more details.

Tools necessary:

– Devices running iOS, such as iPhone, iPad, iPod
– Computer running Windows
– Download the latest Tunes for better support: download iTools

Instructions for using iTools

After downloading and installing the necessary tools, connect your iOS device to the computer via a connection cable.

If the computer does not recognize, see the device has unlocked the screen yet? Or review the above 2 software installed correctly?

Here you will observe all the general information of the device. Such as device name, iOS version, jailbreak status, device origin, blank data, settings data, etc.

using itools

Detailed device battery parameters

replace the itunes bang itools

Install music on iPhone, iPad, iPod

Step 1: Switches to the tab Music, select the button Add to add music to iTools.

  Use itools

Step 2: Select your favorite music, then click the button Import to Device to sync data to device.

Synchronize music with itools

Install applications, games

Step 1: Switches to the tab Applications, click on Add, then navigate to the application you want to add to iTools and Import.

Install itools application

Step 2: Select the application you want to install and press Install.

Video sync itools

So has guided you how to use iTools. This is indeed one of the most useful complementary tools for iTunes and devices running iOS. If you want to learn more, please refer to copy music to iPhone using iTunes from the computer that we have instructed before.


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