Copy, Paste the command line in the CMD window

Copy, Paste the command line in the CMD window

CMD is a command line window in Windows that allows you to enter commands to operate on your computer more efficiently. The following article, will guide you how to quickly copy and paste commands in CMD.

In the process of using a computer, surely many times you have to manipulate on the CMD command window, to know how to quickly copy and paste command line in CMD window, please follow the instructions below.

Instruction Copy Paste command line in CMD window

Step 1: You access the CMD command window by clicking the button Start -> type in the search item cmd and press Enter

If you use Windows 10 and want to open CMD in the small default size, please refer to the way Open CMD with small size here

Besides, if you want to open CMD with admin rights, you refer to how run CMD with admin rights here

Step 2: On the CMD command window right click and select Properties

Step 3: In the window Properties, tick the item QuickEdit Mode and press OK, got it to save settings

– To copy paste in CMD you just need to press the key combination Ctrl + C to copy the command line. At the command prompt CMD Just right click is automatically the command line that is copied into.
Above, we showed you how to copy and paste the command line in the CMD window, this way you can easily copy the command line. Also, you can refer Fix CMD not run as well as command remove the request to press F1 when booting the computer, … to operate on the computer more effectively.


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