Copy video from computer to iPhone, iPad using iTunes

Copying videos from your computer to your iPhone using iTunes is not as difficult as many users or sending questions to asking for instructions on this issue. So far because we are so familiar with the type of data copying as on Android, so it will be a little difficult to copy videos from a computer to iPhone.

Connecting to an iPhone and a computer is not just a matter of plugging in a USB cable between the two devices, to do that you need to have iTunes, a software that allows you to copy music to iPhone or sync any problem. It’s like contacts, movies or even files. It can be said that iTunes is the general management software for the iPhone, including copying music to iPhone or installing free games and apps. Or even backup, backup data again. One way to upgrade an iPhone that never gets corrupted but quickly is to use iTunes, you know?

And with a useful software like iTunes, it is not possible that we do not copy videos to iPhone using itunes right? Right now will be a guide to help you read copy videos to iPhone, iPad with iTunes. Help you understand and use more fluently about iTunes, the leading management software of this iPhone and iPad.

Instructions to copy videos to iPhone, iPad using iTunes.

Step 1: First, open up iTunes and select the section Movies to open the movie list in the library.

copy copy video from computer to iphone ipad bang itunes 2

Step 2: Click here File On the Menu bar, select Next new >Playist to create a new Playlist for Movie.

copy copy video from computer to iphone ipad bang itunes 3

Step 3: Click here Playlist in the Movies section, you can drag and drop any movie MP4 format into iTunes, the system will automatically recognize and put your movie on the list.

copy copy video from computer to iphone ipad bang itunes 4

Step 4: Plug iPhone into the computer to connect to iTunes, click on the iPhone icon in the image below.

copy copy video from computer to iphone ipad bang itunes 5

Step 5: Open to Movies on iPhone, to copy videos to iPhone you click Sync Movies (sync movie) after that Select the movie included in the list already Apply and Done .

copy copy video from computer to iphone ipad bang itunes 6

After completing the above step, you have completed the trick to copy videos to iPhone already, you can copy as many movies into the iPhone as you like as well as the device’s memory capacity.

Above has instructed you to read how to copy videos to iPhone, just like copying music to iPhone through iTunes software, the above method is quite simple and the same. If you have successfully used these 2 issues, iTunes will probably not be too difficult for you anymore. And it is not only iTunes that helps you copy videos to iPhone, but also a lot of other software to help you complete the above work such as iTools. This is one of the best 3rd party iPhone support software, you can copy data to iPhone using iTools or create ringtones with extremely simple iTools. If you already know how to create ringtones on iPhone then with Create ringtones with iTool even easier.
Apart from that problem, copying data to iPhone using iTools is highly appreciated when it does not take many stages when using iTunes. Moreover, iTools also can not help you copy photos to iPhone, not just movies, ghost music Copy photos to iPhone using iTools Just like you are using an Android device.


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