Copying file and folder paths in File Explorer is now much simpler on Windows 11

Sometimes in the process of using Windows, you need to copy the full path of a file or folder in the operating system. For example, this is required when you want to paste the path in the command line or in tools like Windows Run. Or you simply want to copy the exact location of a certain file or folder to the system clipboard.

On Windows 10, you can copy the full path of a file or folder by holding down the Shift key on your keyboard and right-clicking on the file/folder. When you hold down the Shift key, the context menu will have an additional option called “Copy As Path”. Just click this option to copy the full path of the selected file/folder to the clipboard, then “Paste” anywhere you want.

However, for Windows 11, this process has been significantly simplified. The Windows 11 context menu now includes a “Copy as path” option by default. That is, you can now just right-click a file or folder, then click the “Copy as path” option in the contextual menu that appears to copy its full path, instead of having to press Shift or Browse the location manually.

Not stopping there, recent reports show that in a near future update, Microsoft will add a shortcut key cluster to support users to quickly copy file and folder paths with just one click. a simple keystroke. In fact, this feature is now available on some preview builds for the testing community. You just need to select a file or folder in File Explorer, then press the key combination CTRL + Shift + CLOSE to copy its full path.

Similar to the “Copy as path” option in the context menu, this shortcut will also copy the Windows Clipboard path. If you use the Windows Clipboard Cloud, you’ll be able to sync this type of data across your devices, including Android phones, using the SwiftKey or Your Phone apps (currently Samsung devices only).

It should be noted that the location of the “Copy As Path” option will depend on the system configuration and the copied path will still include quotes. If you want to paste the path in the address explorer to navigate directly to the file/folder, make sure you remove the quotes before pressing the enter key.


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