Correct font errors on Coc Coc

Font error on CocCoc happens to some users who have just installed Coc Coc and used this web browser for the first time, but this error can be solved by changing the experimental feature settings in the system of Coc Coc. Browser.

TipsUsing Coc Coc – A super fast web browser of Vietnamese people

Just like Chrome, or Opera, Coc Coc uses the same Chromium core as Chrome, so how to fix font errors on Coc Coc is basically the same as how to fix the wrong display of Vietnamese fonts on Chrome, usually this error is not affect a lot of users but can significantly reduce user experience.

How to fix font errors in Coc Coc

If the way Vietnamese language font fix on Chrome Usually using the experimental feature customization tool, Coc Coc is similar, Opera and Firefox alone will be a little different in how to customize the experimental features. Please read the detailed tracking how to fix font errors on Coc Coc below.

Correct font errors on Coc Coc

Step 1: Open Coc Coc browser, enter the following command in the address bar on Coc Coc: chrome: // flags /

This is a place where all the experimental settings of Cốc Cốc browser help users to customize the browser according to their browsing methods.

fix the font on coc coc

Step 2: In the interface of the test setup page, press Ctrl + F and then type or paste the name of the DirectWrite test: # disable-direct-write (Enables use of the experimental DirectWrite font display system.)

Elsewhere, the font on coc coc

Step 3: After finding this test, click the button Disable (Disable) to disable this experimental feature. This is the cause of font errors on Coc Coc.

fix the font in coc coc

Step 4: Press Relauch Now to restart Coc Coc and save any changes after you turn off DirectWrite to fix font errors on Coc Coc.

So, Taimienphi has shared with you how to fix font errors on Coc Coc quite simple, this is a common error after users install Coc Coc, there are some users who do not know how to perform, they have to reset the installation, It takes a lot of time to reset Coc Coc, but if you know this trick, you no longer need to reset Coc Coc, quite convenient.
Coc Coc is one of the best web browsers in 2016 trusted by many Vietnamese users in addition to Chrome and Opera. Solving math problems on Coc Coc Quickly, this is a great tool to help you learn and be more passionate about math.


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