Corrugated board Pokemon, choose GYM Pokemon selected more standard

Corrugated board Pokemon, choose GYM Pokemon selected more standard

Pokemon GO has all 18 systems, so each Pokemon will have the basic features that it has, and if the “skill” you use to engrave the opponent’s Pokemon, the attack ability can be increased by one and a half, whereas if If selected incorrectly, the attack ability can be reduced by almost half. Therefore, every time when fighting for GYM, choosing Pokemon with “standard” skills to participate in the battle, it is also important to know the compatibility between different Pokemon systems.

In Pokemon Go the Pokemon is also divided into many different systems, namely all 18 systems. Each Pokemon species has its own strengths and difficulties when encountering the engraved Pokemon species. If you choose non-standard GYM Pokemon, you will easily be defeated by opponents. Therefore, choosing Pokemon with “standard” skills and grasping the similarities between different Pokemon systems such as water (Water), fire (Fire) or electricity (Electric) will give you a higher win rate. If the “skill” you use engrave the opponent’s Pokemon, the attack ability can be increased by half or the damage will be reduced by nearly half, and vice versa if the wrong choice of attack can be reduced by nearly one half or degree of vulnerability increased by one and a half times. Therefore, invite readers to refer to the engraving table in Pokemon Go and how to choose Pokemon GYM battle with in the following article to equip yourself with the basic knowledge and collection of “terrible” Pokemon. most okay.

Pokemon engraving table, interactive worksheet between Pokemon, how to choose Pokemon occupy GYM more standard:

1. Pokemon engraving system.

Image showing the number of dame received when attacking Pokemon of all kinds. Choosing the right Pokemon and the right skill, you can defeat Pokemon with higher CP.

2. Choose Pokemon battle GYM.

Pokemon like Dragonite, Lapras, Snorlax … are often gamer favorite for GYM defense. However, these Pokemon can still be defeated if the opponent is someone who knows about Pokemon.

1. Ice and Water Lapras (Ice / Water)

Need to use Fire and Fightting (Fire / Fightting)

Arcanine (Any / Fire Blast)

Magmar (Karate Chop / Fire Blast)

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2. Poliwrath:

Of Water / Fighting (Water / Fighting) – use Grass / Psychic Pokemon

Exeggutor (Any / Solar Beam)

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3. Exeggutor:

Of Grass / Psychic – use Pokemon Insect (Bug) – Fire (Fire) or fly (Flying)

Parasect (Bug Bite / X-Scissor)

Arcanine (Fire Fang / Fire Blast)

Scyther (Fury Cutter / Bug Buzz)

other he in pokemon go

4. Slowbro:

Water / Psychic – Water Bug – Bug

Parasect (Bug Bite / Solar Beam)

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5. Dragonite:

Dragon-type – use Pokemon attacks Dragon / Ice-type skills (Dragon / Ice) to counter.

Gyarados (Dragon Breath / Dragon Pulse) – easily defeat Pokemon Dragonite with Steel Wing

Lapras: Can completely control Dragonite.

Wigglytuff (Pound / Play Rough) – easily defeat Pokemon Dragonite with Dragon Breath

Dewgong (Any / Blizzard)

Clefable (Pound / Moonblast

other he in pokemon go

6. Gyarados:

Water / Flying (Water / Flying) – Countered by using Electric-type Pokemon

Jolteon (Thunder Shock / Thunder)

Raichu (Spark / Thunder)

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7. Vaporeon:

Of Water – use Pokemon Grass (Grass)

Parasect (Bug Bite / Solar Beam)

Exeggutor (Any / Solar Beam)

Victreebel (Razor Leaf / Solar Beam)

Vileplume (Razor Leaf / Solar Beam)

Tangela (Vine Whip / Solar Beam)

Venusaur (Vine Whip or Razor Leaf / Solar Beam)

other he in pokemon go

8. Snorlax

Normal (Normal) – use Rock / Ground Pokemon

Rhydon (Rock Smash / Stone Edge)

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It’s easy is not it, if in the process of going GYM you encounter these types of Pokemon, please remember the engraved Pokemon. Even if your CP is a few hundred points behind the opponent, it is not a problem.

You should also increase Pokemon Go character experience points to increase the power of Pokemon. Because the level of Pokemon depends on how you gain Pokemon Go experience points. The higher the level, the higher Pokemon can upgrade

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