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Create 8/3 cards with photoshop, give mothers, sisters, girls, girlfriends international women’s day


If you are skillful, you absolutely can create 8/3 cards with photoshop to give to the women you love on International Women’s Day 8/3 simple but meaningful. Working with to manually design unique cards on Photoshop software offline

Create your own 8/3 cards in Photoshop with good and meaningful 8/3 Greetings and even your own sweet 8/3 poems for those you love most. There are many templates for March 8 wishes as well as the 8/3 poem for you to write on your card.

I created 8 3 photoshop

Create an 8/3 card with photoshop – Happy International Women’s Day

With only Photoshop tools and photos, you can create yourself an 8/3 card in photoshop as beautiful and unique as the ones on the market.

How to create an 8/3 card with photoshop, happy Women’s Day

First, you need to prepare

– Photoshop software: If not, download and install it Photoshop

– Some beautiful images for making cards: References and downloads 8/3 wallpaper

– Some beautiful Calligraphy Fonts: Download Calligraphy Font (see more How to install Font word used on Windows)

In addition, you can refer to some beautiful fonts on your computer, beautiful fonts include many different fonts around the world, helping you create beautiful words suitable for many purposes.

Step 1:

In the Photoshop interface, select File -> Open (Or press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl +0) -> Go to the folder containing the images needed to make cards -> After selecting the appropriate image -> select Open

I created 83 bang photoshop

Create 8/3 cards with photoshop

Step 2: You guys use the tool Text (Shortcut T) to be able to write (4) on the image. You can choose the font size (5) and the color of the text (6)

I created 83 bang photoshop

– After writing the word, you choose the font style for letters (7)

– The calligraphy font is in VNI font, so if you want to write in Vietnamese, you need to convert Unicode keyboard -> VNI Windows (included in the software Unikey)

I created 83 bang photoshop

Wishes are written in Calligraphy Font

I created 83 bang photoshop

Step 3: After completing your card, you choose File -> Save for Web … to proceed to save the image

I created 83 bang photoshop

– You choose the standard parameters as shown (11) -> Select Save

I created 83 bang photoshop

Next, select the save folder, you name the card and choose Save

I created 83 bang photoshop

Finally, the creation of 8/3 cards in photoshop has been completed

I created 83 bang photoshop
With just a simple operation, you have created 8/3 cards in photoshop quickly, created many beautiful and meaningful 8/3 cards and many health wishes, good luck to all the extra people. my dear female.



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