Create a shutdown or Restart icon on the Desktop

Create a shutdown or Restart icon on the Desktop

Do you want to have your own shutdown or Restart key as icons on the desktop? will guide you to do that, on computers using Windows operating system.

Instead of repeating a boring action like clicking Start Menu -> Shutdown or Restart then you don’t need to do that anymore. Create your own icon for functionality Shutdown and an icon for Restart, set off the Desktop screen.

Create Shutdown / Restart icon on Desktop

Step 1: Right-click on any empty space on the Desktop, select New -> Shortcut.

I created the shutdown icon to restart the desktop

Step 2: Dialog box Create Shortcut Open, enter one of the following 2 code snippets:

shutdown -s -t 60 if you want to create icons Shutdown
shutdown -r -t 60 if you want to create the icon Restart back to the computer.

Inside, 60 represents the timeout, so if you want the computer to shutdown automatically after 1 hour, just enter the code shutdown -s -t 3600 (60s x 60ph = 3600).

Then click next to continue.

Create button Shutdown.

Create button Restart.

Step 3: Give a name to Shortcut just put in the item Type a name for this shortcut, so that it is best to identify the following by the function name.

Click finish to close the window.

For example: Shutdown -> if creating an icon Shutdown

Restart -> if creating an icon Restart

Two icons represent each key Restart and Shutdown just created.

Now you just need to click on one of these 2 icons, along with the predefined time the computer will automatically turn off or start up depending on your purpose of use. To change the background image for this icon, you can refer to the article on how to place the Facebook icon on the desktop.


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