Create animations online, online with Picasion

Create animations online, online with Picasion

An animation is a photo composed of many photos. The sequential appearance of the images only makes a few short-term differences that make it look like the image is moving. And the principle of creating animations is similar to that of animation.

You often think that creating animations can be very complicated and requires specialized software. Now different, you can create animations anywhere with an internet connection using online tools like: The following article will guide you to make animations with Picasion, and follow along.

How to create animations with Picasion

To create animations you need to have some images related to each other (usually 3 or more images) For example:

I live online

Step 1: Visit the Picasion page and select from the following ways to insert images.

– Image: Select photos in the order that the photos appear (1, 2, 3 … corresponding to the first, second, third photo …).

Inside, Add one more picture: Choose one more picture.

– Size: Choose a photo size

– Speed: Choose the conversion speed between photos. In it, Advanced allows you to select any value.

After making your selection, press Creat animation to create animations.

Step 2: provides a lot of links to share photos online or insert them on the web But if you want to save to the computer, click Save this animation to save.

And this is the result.

Above, we have instructed you on how to create animations with Picasion online tool, so that you can make your own shimmering and style animations for your relatives and friends.
With the instructions above, you can easily create happy birthday animations to send to your beloved friend, without the need of super happy birthday animation software like Photoshop, but you still have create your own best picture.


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