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Are you bored with still photos? Want to change them? Let’s do magic with to make still photos beautiful and full of life.

Bloggif gives you a lot of tools to make a static photo much more vivid. Visit the site and explore their toolkit. The following article will guide you how to create online GIF animations with Bloggif page, follow along to know how to do it.

Create animations with

On the interface of the Web site: There are quite a few tools that allow you to create animations:

– Animated text: Create animated text.

– GIF Slideshow: Create a photo slide show with transition effects.

– GIF effect: Create dynamic effects for still images.

– 3D Cube: Create a box of five images that can rotate in 3D.

– Glitter: Create dynamic backgrounds (backgrounds) for photos.

– Glitter Frame: Create animated frames for photos.

– GIF videos: Convert videos into animations (gif).

– Animated smiley: Insert animated symbols into images.

The following article will guide you to use Animated text to create animations.

Step 1: On the website interface, click Animated text. When the new page appears:

– Your text: Enter the text you want to animated

– Choose an effect: Choose animation for text

– Font: Choose a font

Step 2: You can set more advanced parameters in the section More options … including:

Text Size: Font size, Background color: Background color, Text alignment: Align (center, right, left), …

After setup is complete, press Create my text GIF to make GIF animation.

Step 3: Right-click on the text you just created and select Save Picture As … (Save image as …) to save it as animation

And this is the result:

For other tools, you only need to perform the same operations to create animations. Check out the bloggif toolkit to create your own animated picture.
There are many happy birthday animations that you can download to give to your friends, with happy birthday animations on many different topics online.



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