Create animations with PhotoScape, make Gif images on PhotoScape

Create animations with PhotoScape, make Gif images on PhotoScape

Create animations, Gifs by downloading PhotoScape and use is a simple way to help you create unique animations to share on the internet. So how to make animated gif through PhotoScape software like? The answer will be in the content of the article below

PhotoScape is a photo creation and editing tool with many different formats. In particular with the GIF format is no exception, so to create animations, it is necessary to have many photos to create effects like moving.

In addition, you can use professional tools IconCool GIF Animator or Easy GIF Animator to create professional and effective animations. With Easy GIF Animator You will have more unique reading options for creating your own animations

Create GIF animations with PhotoScape

Step 1: Download and install the application on your computer: Download PhotoScape
Step 2: Start opening the software and select Animated GIF to create animations.

Step 3: The interface of creating animations appears. Click on the Add

Step 4 : Select continue Add a photo to add image files.

Step 5: Point to the Folder containing the previously created image and press Open to open.

Step 6 : Set parameters to create images such as Changle display time: display speed, Change effect: editing effects, Canvas: size photo…

Step 7: Start running and save the created animation

After saving and here are the results:
Above are all steps to create animations from multiple still images by stitching together PhotoScape. Through this you can create simple animations with this powerful tool. In addition, you can also use Photoshop to create animations, refer to how Create animations in Photoshop to improve their skills


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