Create beautiful dashes, squares, and framed letters

You are surprised to find that the Status of facebook or yahoo of your friends has the words backwards or dashes or framed lines …. and do not know how to create dashes like that. The following article will show you the words above, refer to us.

In the previous article we have guided you How to write words upside down and upside down online to upload to facebook. Then with this article we will guide you how to write, create dashes, squares, beautiful framed letters. Please consult us.

Create beautiful dashes, squares, and framed letters

Step 1: You guys access Here to create dashes

Step 2: Here you can choose the types and types of letters from the reverse letters, squares, underscores, framed letters … You select a style and then enter the word above will give results in the box above below. From there you can copy and paste and facebook or yahoo to surprise many people.
How to horizontal
Thus with this online tool will help you get fancy dashes, squares, framed letters, unique to post on facebook or yahoo. Good luck!


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