Create compressed exe file, setup with WinRAR

Create compressed exe file, setup with WinRAR

For some computer users, creating EXE executable file from Winrar is very difficult. The following article will guide you how to create EXE files from Winrar easily

You want to compress the files into compressed files in EXE format with the WinRAR tool to make the extraction easier on other computers. However, you do not know how to open the feature. The following article will guide you how to start and use this unique function in Foxit Reader

How to create compressed EXE file

Step 1: After installing WinRAR, open the program in one of the following ways

Method 1: Click on the software icon on the Desktop (if during the installation process, you agreed to create a shortcut on the Desktop)

I tap the state of Winrar

Method 2: Click Start (lower left corner of the screen). In the section Search Programs and files, Enter keywords Winrar Search results will be displayed right on the screen. Click on the search result “Winrar” to open the program.

-Also if your computer uses Windows XP operating system, you can use the software launch command through the Run function is “c: //programfiles/Winrar/Winrar.exe”

Create exe file through winrar

Method 3: You can also use a simpler way than select the folder you want to compress and right-click and drag down the line Add to Archive is to be.

How to create EXE news in WInrar

Step 2: After selection Add to Archive, A window will appear to set the file compression mode. In this window, click enter the name of the compressed file into the folder Archive name or you can leave the default zip file name.

Next, to compress the file into an EXE file format, please tick the box next to the line Create SFXArchive.

After ticking the box next to the line Create SFX Archive, the compressed file format will automatically convert from Rar or Zip format to EXE extension as in the image.

Next you press OK, got it to switch to file compression process. After the file compression process is completed, your compressed file will be as follows.

How to create an exe file via Winrar

Compressed file format into EXE file will help your compressed file into an executable file. This file will automatically decompress even if your computer does not have decompression support tools like Winrar, WinZip. In addition, this format is easy to use for those who do not have experience compressing and decompressing files with Winrar and Winzip. In addition to the above feature, you refer 7 cool features of WinRAR to find out if the software has any other good features.


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