Create HTML signatures for Email on ThunderBird

Create HTML signatures for Email on ThunderBird

Sending an email is not just about sending messages from one person to another, it also shows a style when sending mail. One of those styles is to use a signature when sending letters. Some of the signatures you often use in the form of text, numbers … are very monotonous. The following article will share with you how to create HTML signatures for Email on Mozilla Thunderbird.

Guide to Creating HTML signatures for Email on ThunderBird

First you need to download and install Mozilla Thunderbird on your computer to use the features of the utility.

Step 1 You log into Email with ThunderBird as usual and on Write a new to compose new mail.

Step 2 The signature usually located at the end of the letter includes many types of signatures that you can choose but to be more professional, insert a logo, image or link. So to insert logo into us Inset ->Image.

To make sending mail convenient and without the hassle of sending mail, you should choose a light-weight photo or logo if you upload it from your computer or use the image link from the Webisite site that provides the image.

Step 3 Then you click Choose File to select the image from the computer or the URL pointing from the image from the host to the box Image location. Next, enter your display name in the 2 boxes below and click Ok, got it

Step 4 If you want to insert a link to get back to your webiste then go there Inset ->Link.

Step 5 You enter the display name Link Text.and the URL pointing to the Webiste Link Location done press Ok, got it to finish.

Step 6 After completing all the steps, you select all the content in the message to create HTML code for the entire message by going to the selection menu. Edit ->Select All

Step 7 Generate code for the entire letter by going to the select menu Insert ->HTML …

Step 8 The table displays the HTML code of the content containing the generated signature, just copy this code.

Step 9 Then you go to account management via Tools -> Account Settings. At the frame Signature text you paste The whole HTML code just copied above, remember to tick the box Use HTML -> press OK, got it.

Step 10 That’s it and after each new mailing using ThunderBird, the signature was created.
Above is how to create a signature in HTML language for Email on ThunderBird, so you can create professional-style signatures of your own when sending emails. In addition, you can Insert link into text in HTML Or simply insert the link into the image in HTML


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