Create ISO file quickly with AnyToISO

Create ISO file quickly with AnyToISO

AnyToISO is an iso file creation application, used to compress and burn data to CD / DVD in ISO format. Within the framework of this article, will guide you how to create ISO files with AnyToISO fastest.

AnyToISO is a tool to help you create ISO files by converting file formats to ISO files, convenient for burning discs, … Through this article, you will know how to create ISO files with AnyToISO fastest.

How to Create ISO files quickly with AnyToISO

Step 1 : Download AnyToISO here

Step 2 : After installation is complete, the main working interface of AnyToISO will appear. Find out some information before creating an ISO file. The main interface of AnyToISO is quite 3 main options including:

– Extract / Convert data to ISO (File Extract / Convert to ISO):

– Data on CD / DVD disc to ISO disc (CD / DVD Disk to ISO):

– Data in folders to ISO (Folder to ISO):

– In addition, you can choose the language and software updates from the homepage via the settings.

Step 3 : Start creating, then first select the type of data you want to convert

Step 4: Just go ahead and click Make ISO to export to. Depending on the size of the data, the creation time may be long or short.
Above we have detailed instructions on how to create iso files with AnyToISO quickly and effectively. In addition to AnyToISO, you can use PowerISO or UltraISO to create and edit ISO files effectively with interesting optional functions.


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