Create labels in Word 2016, create labels in Word 2016

You are taking too long to create mailing labels. So do you know your MS Word 2016 has its own label creation tool, they are very powerful for designing and creating labels, including mail merge? Today, with the help of this tool, will guide you to create labels in Word most easily if you are looking to create mailing labels or a series of mailing labels for your own purposes.

Label Also known as mailing labels, an integral part when we send mail, in this article we will Create labels on Word 2016, the same way if you do on lower versions like Word 2013 and 2010.

Create labels in Word documents

How to create labels, create labels on Word 2016

To create Label in Word 2016 extremely simple, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: First, you move on to the section Maillings and select Labels

Create label in word 2016 I received on word 2016 2

Step 2: When the window Enveloper and Labels show up, in section Address You enter the name, address, information you want to display.

Create label in word 2016 I received on word 2016 3

Section Use return address is the return address, if you want to use it then tick it.

In section Options… You can edit some printer information, label information of some suppliers.

Part Product number: you can choose the layout size of the label.

Create a label in word 2016 I received a word in 2016 4

To export the Word file, click New Document (see picture above).

Step 3: Next, if you want to make labels in Word available on envelopes, select the section Envelopes in the same window Enveloper and Labels.

Create label in word 2016 I received on word 2016 5

Click Add to Document And the result will be as follows.

Create label in word 2016 I received on word 2016 6

So with the way Create a label in Word 2016, create a label on Word 2016 that has just introduced above, hoping that it will be useful to serve you in your work. Depending on the level as well as the purpose of the work, you can customize, font format, font size or font color in Word … so that it is most suitable and reasonable.
Also, if you want to print a series of labels that contain information from the data, like names and addresses in Excel. You can refer to the article on how to create labels, Mail merge in Word that has shared. Good luck!


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