Create online presentations using Google Slides

Users can now create presentations online with Google Slides instead of having to install Office to use Microsoft Powerpoint to create presentations. If you are not sure or do not know how to create Powerpoint slides online with Google Slides, please immediately refer to the content in the article below.

Google Slides is an online application for creating PowerPoint slides online, which many users trust and appreciate the usefulness that it brings. With Google Slides, users do not have to spend time installing software on the machine, the ability to automatically save files on Google Drive – a feature that can be said to be great, helping users not to worry about losing data, forgetting save, in use, a power outage leads to shutdown … For those reasons, yes Create online presentations using Google Slides is a reasonable choice, worth using.

Create online slideshows on Google Slides

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How to create presentations with Google Slides

To create Powerpoint slides online on Google Slides, follow these steps:

Step 1: Access Google Slides online HERE

The login interface appears, you enter your Google account or Gmail account. If you do not have a Google account, or this is a gmail account, you proceed to set up gmail, create a gmail account to be able to log in and use.

I show online programming with google slides 2

Step 2: After you have successfully logged in, click Grid icon next to your Google account name. Then press More.

I show online programming with google slides 3

Here, you click on the section Document to create a Google Slides Powerpoint page.

How to create an online presentation using google slides 4

Step 3: In the interface Google Docs. You can perform document editing, text editing like in Word. To create the page Google Slides slideshow then click on the 3 dashes icon as described in the image below:

I show online programming with google slides 5

Step 4: Then you choose Slides (Slides), or in more detail, you refer to the way create Google Slides page

I show online programming with google slides 6

Step 5: Display Slides (Slides) appears, you can press the (+) sign Empty (blank) or click on Sample library to choose the templates available on Google Slides.

I show online programming with google slides 7

The picture below is when you click on it Sample library -> there will be many slide templates for your reference, choose to use.

I show you online programming with google slides 8

And now you can enter data, add images, choose fonts, slide font styles and many other similar features you create presentations on Powerpoint only.

I show online programming with google slides 9

Step 6: After creating the Slide online, you can download the created Slide Powerpoint file by clicking File (File) -> Download as (Download as) -> choose Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx), or you can choose the format you want to download.

I show online programming with google slides 10

If you want to share PowerPoint slides online -> click on them File (File) -> Share (Share), then you enter the name of the slide, then Save (Save) again. Next, you only need to share with others.

I show the process online with google slides 11

Above is the whole tutorial Create online presentations using Google Slides, with the steps you follow quite simply to help users quickly deliver presentations online as desired. If you don’t have the time to install Office while you need to create a presentation right away, choosing Google Slides online is the right choice.
Alternatively, you can also use Excel online by Create Google Sheets online or text editor Word by create Google Docs page online without necessarily having to install the entire Office suite. Refer to the usage on, we believe you will enjoy and work well for this online application.


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