Create peach blossom effect on computer

Hanami is a utility that helps you create falling peach blossom effects on your Desktop, follow our article to decorate your PC and Laptop to celebrate the New Year of the Goat 2015.

The Lunar New Year is coming, besides using the New Year wallpapers 2015, please decorate your PC and Laptop with peach petals falling on the Desktop screen to add air. The following article will guide you how to perform, refer to

Instructions on how to create falling peach blossom effect on the desktop of the computer.

Refer to the article:
Create simple 2015 New Year greeting cards with Paint
Download: Hanami

Hanami is a utility that does not require installation, after downloading, use tools like WinRAR or 7 Zip to extract and run it.

The use is very simple, in the main interface you can edit the parameters with the number of peach blossoms falling and blowing in the wind or changing the color of the flowers …..
Flower knife whip on laptop
Then Click Apply and Ok, got it to check the results.
I understand the knife whip on PC
So with Hanami application, you can quickly create a desktop screen with peach blossom petals falling and blowing in the wind to welcome spring. Alternatively you can also use in conjunction with a number Peach blossom wallpaper for the new year to decorate your computer.


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