Create ringtones using Format Factory, cut and join music on Format Factory

Create ringtones using Format Factory, cut and join music on Format Factory

Format Factory is a video cutting software that supports high-speed video conversion on the computer. Format Factory software also creates the ringtones you want, follow the article below to create a simple, easy track.

Format Factory is not only a software to convert Video and Audio files with many different formats but this utility also allows you to create your own ringtones by cutting a piece of music in an Audio file that you love, using on your mobile devices.

The essence of the Create ringtone is the process of cutting good or favorite music pieces, in addition to some models that only support mono formats such as midi, or polyphonic, we have to convert the cut segments accordingly.

Create ringtones using Format Factory

Step 1: After Install Format Factory, open the utility by clicking the icon placed on the desktop.

Step 2: Click on the item Audio, select the output music file format

I created the format factory state

Step 3: Click Add File to select the music file you want to cut.

Format Factory

Step 4: Click on the file Audio just entered -. click Set Range

Step 5: A dialog box displays containing two main functions Start Time and End Time means the amount of time that begins or ends for the piece of music you want to cut.

You just set the time for these two modes and click OK, got it to save

Step 6: Once you’ve selected the part of the music you want to cut, it’s time for the part Set Range will display the start and end time of the track

Select the folder containing the output music files in the item Output Folder.

Click OK, got it to return to the main interface.

Step 7: On the main interface, click Start The process of cutting music starts

The process of creating ringtones is complete

Do the same with the other music files that you want to cut and ringtone using Format Factory.

In addition to Format Factory, you can download other music cutting software at such as Free Mp3 Cutter, MP3 Splitter Joiner, Mp3DirectCut, … If you do not know how to use, please see the instruction Create ringtones using mp3DirectCut lsoftware preference Mp3DirectCut is a paid software but you still to be tried at no charge.

In addition to cutting music, creating ringtones for phones, Format Factory also supports separating music from videos, helping users to get interesting, unique music in videos, clips, see how to Extract music from video with Format Factory to perform

If you do not like using Format Factory to cut MP3s as ringtones, please refer to some online websites that support MP3 cutter, here is how MP3 cutter does not use softwarepopular nowadays.


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