Create snowfall effects on the computer

Snow for Windows is a utility that helps you create snowflakes on your computer screen. Here will guide you how to do, please refer to decorating your desktop screen more vividly.

In the previous article we have introduced to you how Create falling peach blossom effect on your Desktop to celebrate Tet. Next we continue to introduce you to read another application used to create snowfall effects on the computer that is Snow for Windows, you refer to offline.

Instructions on how to create snowfall on your computer with Snow for Windows

Download: Snow for Windows (Link is updating)

Snow for Windows is a utility that does not require installation, after you download, use tools like WinRAR or 7 Zip to extract and run it without installation.

Very simple to use, at the main interface you can edit the parameters so that the number of snowflakes, the number of pine trees or the Santa Claus and reindeer vehicle.
Understanding whip on the desktop
Then Click Apply and check the results.
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So with the Snow for Windows app, you can quickly create a desktop screen with snowflakes along with images of pine trees, beautiful Santa Claus. In addition, you can also use it in combination with some new year 2015 wallpapers to decorate your computer.


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