CREATE statement in SQL

CREATE statement in SQL

SQL stands for Structured Query Language, the programming language used to communicate and manipulate the database.In the following article, will introduce CREATE command in SQL to help you understand the syntax as well. as usage.

To learn more about what SQL is, readers can refer to the article SQL What is The following article will only revolve around the contents of the CREATE command in SQL.

CREATE statement in SQL

In SQL there are 2 commands CREATE Available, including:




Database (SQL) in SQL is defined as a sorted data set. So in SQL, the first step to storing sorted data is to create a database. The CREATE DATABASE command is used to create a new database in SQL.


CREATE DATABASE database_name;


database_name: name of the database.

Example query:

This query will create a new database in SQL and name the database my_database:

CREATE DATABASE my_database;

The CREATE TABLE statement in SQL

As mentioned above, the CREATE DATABASE command is used to create a new database in SQL. To store data in SQL, you need to have 1 data table. The CREATE TABLE statement is used to create a table in SQL.

A table consists of rows and columns. So while creating the table, you must provide information for SQL including the column name, the type of data stored in the column, the size of the data.

Below is the syntax of the CREATE TABLE statement to create a table in SQL.


CREATE TABLE table_name


column1 data_type (size),

column2 data_type (size),

column3 data_type (size),




table_name: name of the table.

column1: The name of the first column.

data_type: The type of data you want to store in specific column. For example, int for integer data.

– Size: The size of the data we can store in specific columns. For example, if the data_type column is defined as int and the size is 10, then this column can store an integer, up to 10 digits.

Example query:

The following query creates a table named Students, consisting of 3 columns ROLL_NO, NAME and SUBJECT:



ROLL_NO int (3),

NAME varchar (20),

SUBJECT varchar (20),


The above query will create the Students table. The ROLL_NO frame is of type int and can store integers with a size of 3. The next 2 columns are NAME and SUBJECT is of type varchar, can store characters and size 20 i.e. these frames can contain up to up to 20 characters.

The above article has just introduced you to the CREATE command in SQL. Basically, there are 2 CREATE statements in SQL, including the CREATE DATABASE and CREATE TABLE statements. The next article will introduce you further DELETE statement in SQL.
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