Create usb boot windows 7

Creating usb boot windows 7 is the simplest method for usb if you want to reinstall Windows, portable and easy to use. In this article, will guide you how to install Windows 7 the easiest way from creating usb boot 7.

There are many ways to help you create a bootable usb install Windows 7, both handy and simple. With the method that introduced below is the simplest way to create a bootable usb 7.

You need to prepare:

– 1 USB with a capacity of over 4 GB
– 1 set of Windows 7 ISO installation
– Tools Windows 7 USB / DVD Download Tools.

Once fully prepared, proceed as follows:

Step 1: First you format the USB to NTFS format. You right click on the USB, select Format, set the parameters as shown below and then select Start.

After the following formatted message appears, click OK, got it then select Close.

Step 2: Open WINDOWS 7 DVD / USB Download Tools, open it Browse.

I booted into Windows 7

Step 3: Select the path to the ISO file containing the Windows 8 operating system file, select Open.

I booted into Windows 7

Then press next.

I booted into Windows 7

Step 4: Here the program asks if you want to create a bootable DVD or USB. You choose USB Device.

I booted into Windows 7

Step 5: If you have multiple USB drives, select the USB you want to create and then select boot Begin copying.

I booted into Windows 7

Step 6: Once completed, you choose Start Over.

I booted into Windows 7

So introduced you to create bootable usb for Windows 7 with WINDOWS 7 USB / DVD Download Tools. In addition to using the above tool to create a boot for usb install windows 7, there are still many other tools you can apply such as how to create usb boot with Grub4dos for example.

One more choice is Hiren’s Boot, which is too familiar with Windows installers, how Create USB boot with Hirent Boot Also a good solution. With the above methods you can apply to all types of operating systems, including how to install Windows 8 also applies 100% successfully.


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