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Do you like to use animated images (gif) as wallpapers, avatars? You desire to have a wallpaper, an avatar bearing your own mark. So, quickly visit to create a live wallpaper or avatar with your name on it! is a free website that helps you create unique mobile avatars and avatars. This article will guide you through the steps to use to create wallpapers or avatars.

How to create wallpapers, avatars for mobile phones

Step 1: Go to the Web: and click on a wallpaper you like.

Create mobile wallpapers

Step 2: Set the resolution and name the picture.

– Select your mobile phone: you choose according to the name of your mobile device, including manufacturer and model (model).

Attention: in case your mobile device is not in item 1, you just need to select Generic and choose the resolution of your phone screen.

– Enter a text: Enter the text you want to appear in the picture (maximum of 18 characters). Check the box Statíc wallpaper If you want to create a static wallpaper.

Then click Refresh preview to see the result.

Step 3: Right-click on the image just created and select Save the image as … (Save image as …) to save the newly created image.

And this is the result.

So just a few simple steps, you already have your own wallpaper or avatar for your mobile phone. Be quick to own the unique, funny, lovely wallpapers for your cricket.
Video to create wallpaper, Avatar for mobile phones using Reddodo


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