Current standardized TOEFL test structure

You intend to study abroad, so you need to have a TOEFL certificate to confirm English proficiency, but not everyone can easily achieve high TOEFL score without a training pathway. repertoires. Therefore, understanding the structure of the TOEFL exam to study effectively, focus and know how to do the best test is what many young people want.

TOEFL test structure How to receive the great attention of the young people, especially those who intend to study abroad. This certificate is widely recognized for the ability to use American Standard English at foreign universities.

The structure of the TOEFL itp, pbt, junior exam

TOEFL test structure

There are two popular types of TOEFL: the TOEFL iBT (computer-based test) and the TOEFL PBT (paper-based test). Currently, TOEF PBT has gradually been replaced by the method of doing exercises via the internet, so you need to be proficient in computer skills to do exercises effectively.

cau truc de thi toefl

The TOEFL test structure consists of 4 parts: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Candidates must complete the test a total of nearly 4 hours.

TOEFL Reading exam structure – Reading section

In this section, you will read a passage with related questions. You have 60 – 80 minutes to read and answer about 36 – 42 questions with 3-4 paragraphs. Questions and paragraphs are displayed on the screen, your task is to read the paragraph carefully to give an accurate answer by all the information provided by the article.

TOEFL Listening test structure – Listening section

Candidates have between 60 and 90 minutes to complete the listening section. The purpose of this test is to evaluate your listening comprehension through lectures, dialogues of 4-6 lessons in a duration of about 3-5 minutes corresponding to 500 – 800 words. Because in the academic environment, you always have to be exposed to lectures and conversations using English, especially in North American universities and other English-speaking regions.

Normally, lectures on the TOEFL exam are usually a discussion between teachers and students about exercises or during a lesson, professors are direct teachers, students have short questions to exchange, .. As for the conversation, the key figures are also professors, students, teaching assistants or school staff talking to each other. After the listening test, candidates will have 10 minutes to take a break before entering the rest of the test.

TOEFL Speaking test structure – Speaking section

The speaking test aims to test your ability to express your thoughts on topics given in English. Within 20 minutes, you will have to answer 6 questions including integrated (combining skills – summarizing skills) and independent (speaking freely).

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For the independent speaking section, candidates will answer 2 questions on familiar topics in daily life with preparation time of 15 seconds and 45 seconds for presentation. For integrated speaking, you need a combination of skills such as listening, reading and speaking. Specifically with 4 questions in the integrated speaking section in the preparation time of 60 seconds and 120 minutes to answer. The requirement of this section is that you will respond to information that revolves around the topic you have taken from the listening or reading section. You will have to summarize the main idea and present it to complete your speaking section. In addition, before the beginning of the speaking test, you will be equipped with a microphone. The candidate’s speaking test will be recorded and sent to the testing center (ETS) for grading.

TOEFL Writing exam writing structure – Writing section

Similar to the speaking section, the writing structure of the TOEFL test also includes two tasks, integrated and independent. In the first integrated writing part (writing combining other skills), candidates will read a short paragraph and listen to lectures on the same topic within 3 minutes with about 200 – 220 words. After that, you have 20 minutes to write an essay using information from the passage and the listening section. The requirement for this essay is 150 – 225 words.

For the task writing task 2 (independent), you will be asked to write an essay on a topic to express your views and thoughts. In order to do well in this writing test, besides giving opinions, you need to explain, take examples, use famous quotes, … Finally, don’t forget to summarize information and withdraw. Make conclusions for the article.
Knowing the requirements and structure of the TOEFL test is essential for you to know the orientation of the effective preparation method. In addition to the TOEFL exam structure, readers can also refer IELTS test structure. TOEFL and IELTS are important international certificates for you to have the opportunity to study and live abroad, so it takes effort and effort to achieve your desired goals.


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