Currently in the world how many countries and territories

Currently in the world how many countries and territories

How many countries and territories are there in the world? is a question many people ask. To solve these questions, please follow the article of below for the most accurate answer to see how many countries and territories in the world.

When it comes to countries and territories, many people will find it difficult to understand and confuse the two issues. In fact, these two types are different because there is a difference in the international standards prescribed by the Montevidoe Convention in 1993. Therefore, the State is defined as a subject of international law and fully meets meet the standards of a stable population, a defined territory, a government and a full range of powers, and be able to participate in international relations.

Currently in the world how many countries and territories

There are a number of independent states or governments in the world that do not have all the rights, are not internationally recognized and are called territories. So how many countries and territories does the world have today?

Until now, there has been no consensus of any international agency that is competent to recognize a country, so the determination of countries and territories is still done in accordance with the Convention. detail:

– There are 193 countries that are members of the United Nations, that is, 193 countries recognized as official states.

– 2 countries are observers at the United Nations

+, Vatican City

+, Palestine: This is a state that is not well accepted by other countries.

– 2 countries are recognized by many countries and independently in reality

+, Taiwan: There are 19 other countries and Vatican City maintains an official relationship

+, Kosovo: 111/193 United Nations members, 35/61 members of Islamic Cooperation Organization, 24/28 NATO members, 23/28 European Union members.

There is also a country that is not actually independent but many countries recognize it as the Western Sahara. The African Union and at least 41 countries have recognized this as sovereign territory but are currently occupied.

– 6 countries with independent publication but not recognized.

+, Abkhazia – Only Russia, Nauru, Tuvalu, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Vanuatu recognized.

+, Northern Cyprus – Only Turkey recognized.

+, South Ossetia – Only Russia, Nauru, Nicaragua, Venezuela recognize.

+, Somaliland, Transnistria and Nagorno – Karabakh – No country or international organization has recognized it.

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How many countries and territories in the world?

So how many countries are there in the world? So according to the convention, the world now has 193 countries and 11 territories.

With the answer above, you must have somewhat grasped more specific and clear information about countries and territories around the world. So you all know the image of the national flag yet, if not clear, please consult right on to capture knowledge easier offline.

It is difficult to remember the names of all the countries or territories, or so is the remembering of the national flags. Let’s check out how to recognize the national flags of countries to see tips for memorization as well as how to remember and recognize them.
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