Customize the taskbar on windows

Customize the taskbar on windows

The Taskbar is known for its ability to display information and access those applications. To better understand you refer to how to customize the taskbar on windows

It can be said that the convenience of the Taskbar has helped a lot of users because they display the menus and windows of running programs. You can customize this taskbar so that it works as you wish. This article will show you how to Customize the taskbar on windows

Customize the taskbar on windows

Create a new Toolbar on the Taskbar

To create a new toolbar in the Taskbar, point your mouse at the Taskbar below the desktop, and then right-click Toolbars. There will be some toolbars available for you to choose or you can also create a new toolbar by clicking the New toolbar …
After selecting New toolbar … then select the folder containing application shortcuts of your choice to add to the Taskbar.

Create Recycle Bin for Taskbar
First, create a new shortcut on the Desktop with the path: explorer.exe shell: RecycleBinFolder and name it “Recycle Bin”

Next to change the icon for this shortcut, right-click the icon you just created, select Pin to Taskbar and you’re done.

Add Quick Launch to the Taskbar

Quick Launch is quite forgotten on Windows XP, you can easily make this feature appear in Windows 8 by the following.

First, point to the Taskbar and right-click, select Toolbars> New Toolbar … then enter the path:% userprofile% AppData Roaming Microsoft Internet Explorer Quick Launch

Next, click Select Folder. After adding successfully, you remove Lock the Taskbar to perform some customizations such as drag Quick Launch to the left to make the applications appear there, to use the icon and remove the text of the application you click. Right-click Quick Launch and uncheck Show Text … to make Quick Launch better

Next, right-click on Quick Launch and select Open Folder, then proceed to add arbitrary application shortcuts.

Add the Start Menu Toolbar to the Taskbar

In the Windows 8 operating system, the Start menu is no longer available, so you will have difficulty accessing the list of software installed on windows. But that can be overcome by:

Right-click on the Taskbar and select Toolbars -> New toolbar… .Then enter the following path:

C: ProgramData Microsoft Windows Start Menu Programs

Once you have accessed the Programs path, click Select Folder and then the Programs folder containing the list of software installed on Windows will appear on the Taskbar. has guided you how to customize the Tasbar easily, you can change or add options as you like. Good luck.

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