Cut Bad hard drive, HDD with Low Level Format

Low Level Format (LLF) is an extremely powerful function for fixing hard drive errors in HDD Low Level Format Tool software. When other error correction software “surrenders”, then you must use the Low Level Format.

The first thing I need to remind you is that using Low Level Format (LLF) can make your hard drive lose warranty and if in worse case can affect the hard drive then LLF Can interfere deeply with the drive’s structure. That’s why you should only use it LLF After I tried other popular Bad cutting software like Partation Magic…. Here will guide you to use LLF with the HDD Low Level Format Tool software.

Cut Bad hard drive with Low Level Format function

First, download the HDD Low Level Format Tool software. If no software you can download the latest version of HDD Low Level Format Tool

Step 1: After downloading and installing, you will see the software interface as follows

cat bad in the Low Level Format state

The first line is the name of your hard drive that the software has listed. Next, click to select the hard drive to be repaired and Tiếp tục.

Note: You must exit all running programs so that the software can perform bad hard drive repair.

Step 2: A new window will appear, select the item Low-Level Format and click Format This Device for the program to run.

You just need to wait for the program to finish running. This process also takes a lot of time. After the format is complete, restart the computer to see the status of the hard drive like.
Thus, the above article has guided you how to cut Bad hard drive with the Low Level Format function. In addition, to use the computer effectively, to limit bad HDD you should consult and use the defragment software available in


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