CyberLink YouCam – Customize standard photographic mode, light balance, color

CyberLink YouCam is a tool that allows you to film, take photos directly on your Laptop. To get beautiful photos you can customize the standard shooting mode, customize lighting and colors in CyberLink YouCam with the following operations.

Although Cyberlink Youcam has an automatic mode to adjust colors, bright images for the camera / webcame, but for many reasons such as webcam quality, space, background color, the image via the webcam is not as beautiful as expected, such as so you have to customize your Cyberlink Youcam’s bright, colorful images to get more sparkling photos.

How to Customize standard shooting mode, light balance, color in CyberLink YouCam

Step 1: Open the CyberLink YouCam software and click on the photography mode.

Step 2: Click on the icon as shown below to customize shooting mode, lighting and colors.

Step 3: Customize by clicking Auto lighting to auto light mode

Click on it TrueTheater enhancement to adjust the image smoothness and custom light, color when taking pictures

– Video sharpness: Custom sharpness
– Brightness: Customize the light
– Contrast: Customize the contrast

If you want to return to the default mode before customizing, click Default

Alternatively, you can click on Advanced for advanced customization, then a new window will appear for you to customize. After customizing, click OK, got it to close this dialog.

And this is the shooting mode before customizing lighting and colors

This is the image after customizing the light, color

This article I done on a laptop with webcam with 1.3mpx quality. Users of poor quality webcam will affect the image when you use Cyberlink Youcam, then the image quality will not be as beautiful as expected.
In addition to Cyberlink Youcam, you also have another option is WebCamMax, but this software is only for a 30-day trial, you want to use free software with the same functionality, you can use ManyCam


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