Damage calculation in Mobile Alliance

Lien Quan Mobile is the MOBA game on the phone that is highly appreciated by many players. To become a master or to play a better game, Lien Lien Mobile players need to know how to calculate damage to make more accurate decisions.

Arena of valor is a game that is loved by many players. In League of Mobile there are many factors affecting the game and in it, the amount of damage is what you have to calculate best. Have you ever seen the situation where the enemy has only a little blood left or the enemy kills and escapes with less blood?

Damage calculation in Mobile Alliance.

Currently Lien Quan Mobile has versions for Android and iOS, you download the appropriate version:

– Download Liên Quân Mobile for Android.

– Download Liên Liên Mobile for iPhone.

Damage calculation in Mobile Alliance

1. The theoretical damage calculation

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The theoretical calculation of damage made by the publisher Garena is:

Actual Damage = Damage multiplier x600 / (600 + armor)

This means that the bigger the armor, the smaller the actual damage dealt.

For example:

The enemy has 300 armor, you have 1000 damage, the damage you cause the enemy will be:
Actual Damage = 1000×600 / (600 + 300) = 1000 x 0.857 = 857 Health.


– 600 actual damage armor = 1000×0.5 = 500 health

– 900 actual damage armor = = 1000×0.4 = 400 health.

– 1000 actual damage armor = 1000×0,375 = 375 health

However this is only a theory, because in the game there are indicators that affect this calculation of damage that is reducing damage and exempting damage as well as armor penetration and reduction.

2. How to calculate the damage when armor penetration or reduction

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When there is armor penetration and reduction, the damage calculation will be different from the theoretical calculation.

The method of calculating damage with armor reduction and armor penetration, for example, when the enemy has 300 armor and you have 1000 damage and 100 armor penetration points (armor reduction).

Actual damage = 1000×600 / (600 + 200) = 750 damage.

100 armor penetration will deduct the armor of enemies only 200 in this case.

3. Damage calculation when there is immunity or reduced damage

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When the enemy possesses immunity to damage reduction and reduction, the formula for accumulating damage is as follows:

Actual Damage = Damage Indicator x (100% – percentage of final damage reduction)

Where% damage reduction = initial damage x (100% -% damage reduction or damage reduction).

If there are two sources of decrease in damage reduction or more, the 2nd damage reduction will = (1st damage reduction reduced by 1) x (100% -% reduced damage or the 2nd exemption).

4. Damage calculation in the game

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In the game, it is difficult for us to calculate the details of the damage as above, so the damage calculation game will depend more on the calculation as well as proper alignment. Before dealing damage, try to use the technique on the opponent to see how much blood is lost, and for each phase of the attack, calculate the amount of damage that can be done to make sure to defeat the enemy.

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