Deep Freeze Standard – Set password to protect settings

Setting password protection for settings in Deep Freeze Standard helps you to protect settings that you create yourself, preventing others from arbitrarily changing them on your computer. Let’s follow the article below of to set password to protect settings in Deep Freeze Standard.

You have set the hard drive to be frozen by the software Deep Freeze Standard, but for some reason, the freezing function has been replaced by the shutdown mode. this feature. The only way to avoid this situation is to set a password to protect those settings.

Previous article, you already know how to use Deep Freeze Standard, in this article, will guide you how to set a password for the previously set settings.

Set password protection in Deep Freeze Standard

Step 1: There are 2 ways to open Deep Freeze Standard in the system tray.

Method 1: Use a key combination Ctrl + Shift + Alt + F6.
Method 2: Hold the Shift key on the keyboard, double click the Deep Freeze Standard icon in the system tray.

Set the password in deep freeze standard

Step 2: On the Deep Freeze Standard interface, select Tab Password.

Enter New Password: Enter the password you want to set.
Confirm Password: Retype the password entered above

Click OK, got it to save settings.

Deep Freeze Standard

A dialog box appears, confirm the successful password setting, click OK, got it to close the window or leave it closed for a while.

After successfully setting the password, open Deep Freeze Standard again, enter the password you have just placed in the field Enter Password -> OK to access the utility normally

Now you won’t have to worry about others using your computer to change existing settings that you previously set in Deep Freeze Standard to try to install malicious software on your computer.

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