Computer System Disk Defragment

Defrag the computer hard drive with Mydefrag


Defragging hard drives helps your computer operate faster and more stable after long periods of use. This is one of the great computer optimization methods to speed up the system. Through the article below you will know how to defragment your hard drive with MyDefrag.

Mydefrag provides users with the ability to defragment drives, optimize uptime and extend the life of your computer. Especially, you can schedule and perform automatic hard disk defragmentation to speed up the system.

chong phan manh in mydefrag state

MyDefrag is one of the hard drive defragmentation software used by many users besides software such as Portable Defraggler or Smart Defrag Portable, which are available on, for more details, users can refer to examination Top 5 hard drive defrag software Best that we’ve introduced in previous posts.

If Portable Defraggler is an effective program to help defragment hard drives, compatible with the current popular systems such as NTFS and FAT 32 with extremely fast processing speed, Portable Defraggler will help you defragment the drive on multiple drives at the same time processing

Besides, Smart Defrag Portable uses the technology “Boot Time Defrag”, which helps you defragment files during system boot. Smart Defrag Portable Supports both large capacity drives.

Guide to defragment computer hard drive with Mydefrag

Step 1: Download and install the latest version of Mydefrag

Step 2: After installing the software boot up interface as shown below includes the main functions:

– Analyze only: Disk analysis.
– Consolidate free space: Consolidate empty space.
– Data Disk Daily: Daily disk data.
– Data Disk Monthly: Monthly disk data.
– Data Disk Weekly: Weekly disk data.
– Defragment only: Defrag the drive.
– Flash memory disks: Flash memory.
– System Disk Daily: Daily system drive.
– System Disk Monthly: Monthly system drive.
– System Disk Weekly: Monthly system drive.

To analyze the drive you select Analyze only and tick the drive to analyze and press Run to start the process.

chong phan manh in mydefrag state

– And this is the process of disk analysis

Stopped the palace

– To defragment the selected hard drive Defragment only and select the drive on the system, Press Run to start the defrag process

guide to the area

– And this is the process of defragmenting the computer hard drive
Above, has instructed you how to use MyDefrag to defragment your computer hard drive, so you can speed up the operation of the system and use the computer more effectively. In addition, you can defragment the hard drive with Auslogic Disk Defrag Then compare with MyDefrag to choose for themselves the most useful tool



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