Defrag the hard drive with Auslogic Disk Defrag

Auslogic Disk Defrag is the fastest hard disk defragment software available today. will introduce to readers how to defragment hard drives with Auslogic Disk Defrag.

Hard disk is a place that occupies a lot of data as well as includes many applications operating on the computer, the less data the hard drive, the faster the computer operates. So, if the hard drive contains too much fragment of data, this is the cause of slow computer performance.

How to defragment the hard drive with Auslogic Disk Defrag
Step 1: Open the program Auslogic Disk Defrag

If you do not have the software, download the latest version of the software here: Download Auslogic Disk Defrag
The program interface appears

Defrag the hard drive

Step 2: On the program interface you want to defragment on any drive, you tick the drive. Here will guide you to defragment the hard drive on the drive (E)

You tick the drive E same picture

Auslogics Disk Defrag

Step 3: Defragment the drive with 4 options:
Defrag & Optimze (slower use once a week):
Quick Defrag (without analyzing)

Step 4: Here will choose the mode Defrag to scan the hard drive.

Wait a bit Auslogic Disk Defrag will notify you to scan the hard drive successfully!

If you do not want to wait or do something, you can choose to turn off the computer after the program finishes running
You can do multiple hard drives at once or do the same with other hard drives. Perform disk defragmentation with Auslogics Disk Defrag helps your computer to operate stably and speed up many times before.


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